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Mercury M5-IC Intelligent Controller

The M5-IC is an intelligent control device for the replacement of the Casi PX, PXN and PXNplus CPU controller. As with the entire Mercury M5 Bridge family of controllers, the M5-IC is built with a matching form factor to the Casi Micro5 line of access control hardware allowing a fast “screwdriverless” change over and easy migration of a Casi client infrastructure to any Authentic Mercury software partner.

BBuilt to manage up to 64 readers, this panel is capable of supporting the family of M5 Bridge products in a retro fit of any Casi hardware system. Additionally, the Ethernet enabled M5-IC has the capability to monitor up to 3 additional Mirco5 enclosures on a RS485 data bus.

The M5-IC possesses all the firmware functions available in the Authentic Mercury controller platform and ensures every end user complete compatibility to all forthcoming system functionality Mercury Security has to offer.

Application Notes

The M5-IC is an integral component in the Mercury M5 Bridge family approach to migrate any Micro5 hardware legacy to the flexible, feature rich Mercury access hardware. This ensures the customer an Open future based on Authentic Mercury controllers.

  1. Dual Ethernet capability
  2. Multiple card format support
  3. Universal I/O device characterization
  4. AES 128/256 Bit Encryption and TLS
  5. Large encoded card number support
  1. Network ready
  2. Decentralized system intelligence
  3. Provides all current Authentic Mercury firmware functionality
  4. Initiate commands by operator, by time schedules, or by events
  5. Built on the Open Authentic Mercury platform


Primary Power:
  1. 12Vdc+/-10%, (300mA) maximum
Communication Ports: 
  1. Host Port 0: 10/100- TX Ethernet
  2. Peripheral interface Port 2: 2-wire RS-485, asynchronous
  3. Peripheral interface Port 3: 2-wire RS-485, asynchronous
  4. Inputs: Two dedicated: tamper and power monitor
  1. Primary Port: 10/100 Ethernet
  2. IP Server, IP Client, DHCP Client
  3. HTTP, TLS, X.509
  1. 2 Relays: Form–C, 5 Amp 28 VDC
  1. Storage -55 °C to +85 °C
  2. Operating 0 °C to +50 °C
  3. Humidity: RHNC 5 to 95 %
Access Control: 
  1. 600,000 Cardholder capacity
  2. 50,000 Transaction buffer
  3. If/Then Macro capability
Card Formats:
  1. Eight active card formats per intelligent controller
  2. 19 digit (64-bit) User ID and 15 digit PIN numbers
  3. PIV-II, CAC, TWIC card compatible
  4. 128 Access Levels per cardholder
  5. Activation/Deactivation Dates
  6. Configurable Cardholder database
  7. Large Encoded Card ID (freeform fields up to 245 bits)
  8. Supports up to nineteen (19) digital card numbers
  9. Supports pin codes up to fifteen (15) digits
  10. Programmable card activation and deactivation times
    and dates
  1. 5 to 95 % RHNC
  1. UL 294 Recognized
  2. CE Compliant
  3. RoHS
Size and Weight:
  1. 0.8”H x 4.56”W x 10.25”L | 5.3oz. (w/o connectors)

Part Number:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
M5-IC 125-2000 Mercury M5-IC Intelligent Controller Replaces Casi PX PXN & PXNplus
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