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Mercury M5-2K

Authentic Mercury M5-2K is a multi-device interface panel for the replacement of the Casi M2000 reader controller. As with the entire Mercury M5 Bridge family of controllers, the M5-2K is made to match the existing form factor of the popular Casi Micro5 line of access control hardware allowing a fast “screwdriverless” changeover and easy migration of a Casi client infrastructure to any Authentic Mercury software partner.

Built to provide the ability to control access for four openings, this panel offers support for Four (4) F/2F protocol based readers capable of being individually configured. Additionally, the M5-2K has the native capability to monitor the door position, manage the door locking hardware and request to exit devices.

Application Notes

The M5-2K is an integral component in the Mercury M5 Bridge family approach to migrate any Micro5 hardware legacy to the flexible, feature-rich Mercury access hardware. When paired with a M5-IC, it ensures the customer an “Open” future based on Authentic Mercury controllers.

  • 4 Reader ports
  • 8 Form C control relay
  • 10 Supervised/unsupervised inputs
  • F/2F & Supervised F/2F protocol support
  • Supports additional RS-485 downstream hardware
  • Plug for plug compatibility to Casi M2000
  • AES 128 bit data encryption
  • Built-in capacity to control, respond to external device commands
  • Initiate commands by operator, by time schedules, or by events
  • Built on the Open Authentic Mercury platform

System Diagram



The M5-2K is for use in low voltage, Class 2 Circuits only

Primary Power:
  • 18 Vac, 2.8 A maximum
  • 12 Vdc output
  • 550 mA maximum
UPS Battery (optional): 
  • 12 volt, 7 Ah rechargeable sealed (optional) lead-acid, 1 each supported Battery’s approximate dimensions:
  • L 5.94 in (151 mm)
  • W 2.56 in (65 mm)
  • H 3.74 in (96 mm)
  • 9600, 19200, 38400, or 115200 bps, asynchronous
  • 10 unsupervised/supervised, standard EOL: 1K/1K ohm, 1 %, ¼ watt
Relay Outputs:
  • 8 outputs, Form-C, 2 A @ 30 Vac/dc, resistive
Reader Interface Power:
  • 12 Vdc regulated, 300 mA maximum each reader port DOx / External relay: Open collector, 40 mA sink maximum
Reader Data Inputs:
  • F/2F compatible inputs
Reader Data:
  • Use shielded cables 12 Vdc: 20 AWG, 500 feet maximum, reader powered by M5-2K board 18 AWG, 3000 feet maximum, reader powered locally
Weight: (w/o connectors)
  • 12.0 oz. (340.2 g) nominal without M5-IC
  • 17.3 oz. (491.0 g) nominal with M5-IC
  • -55 TO +85 °C storage
  • 0 to +50 °C operational
  •  5 to 95% RHNC
  • UL 294 Recognized
  • CE Compliant, FCC
Size and Weight:
  • 1.04”H x 8.375”W x 11.375”L | 5.3oz. (w/o M5-IC)
  • 1.27”H x 8.375”W x 11.375”L | 5.3oz. (w/o M5-IC)


The above specifications are based on the typical 12 volt reader drawing 125 mA. Reader power requirements vary between different models. Excessive voltage drop on long cable runs may require a larger cable gauge for powering the reader from a local power source. Refer to the power specifi cation for the reader being installed.

Part Number:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
M5-2K  125-2400 Mercury M5-2K - Replaces the Casi M2000 reader controller
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