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3090 Olsen Drive

System Overview 

Customer: SPLUNK, 3090 Olsen Drive, San Jose, CA

Type of Facility: Single-Tenant Corporate Office Building - 6 Floors, 4 Parking Floors Below Grade, 1 Tenant, 1 Bank, 1 Elevator

Operational Date: 11/30/2016

Vertical: Commercial Real Estate/Corporate

Installation Comments: Business hours operation, Tenant Manage Employees, Access and Reporting

Details:  One Line System Diagram,   BluBØX Equipment and ServicesBluSKY LicensesMSRP Installed Cost

Installed Solution:
  • Access Control
  • Destination Dispatch Elevator Integration (KONE)
  • 1,915 Users
  • 21 DDE Keypad Readers
  • 21 DDE Keypads




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