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TKE DDE Servers Failover process.


  1. Locate both DDE servers.
  2. Find out which server is now the main one. It should have two Ethernet cables connected to it.
  3. Log-in into the main server.
  4. Open Windows Services Window. 
  5. Locate BluB0x_TKEInterface_Version X_X_X_X  service, right click on it and select Properties.
  6. In Startup Type Select Disable. In service Status press Stop button. Click OK to close Properties dialog.
  7. In Windows Service Window verify that service stopped (Status column does not show, Running  or Starting) and Disabled.
  8. Unplug TKE side Ethernet cable from the main server and plug it into the TKE side of the backup server.
  9. Log-in into the backup server.
  10.  Open Windows Services Window.
  11. In the same manner as above place BluB0x_TKEInterface_Version X_X_X_X  service into the AUTOMATIC mode and START it up.
  12. Now this server is the main one and the other is a backup server.
  13. Test the operations of the system by swiping a valid card at every turnstile and kiosk.
  14. Create  a visitor card in BluSky and verify that it is working at the correct turnstile and kiosk.




  1. Log in and navigate to #Main Menu->
  2. Use the BluCreateBtn.png button in the lower left side to create a new #.
  3. When finished use the saveBtn.png button to finish.
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