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How to Create an Integrator Environment



Create Integrator
  1. Go to Setup->Integrators->Create
    • FIll in all filed and select Create.
  2. Go To Administration -> Roles -> Create
Create Integrator Role
  • System: The Integrators system
    • The Integrators system was automatically created in Step 1 above.  It will be the integrators name with "-Default" at the end.
  • Occupancy: Leave Blank
  • Name:The name for the role should be "Integrator name" System Administrator Ex.  "Barry Corporation System Administrator" , this makes is easier to find the role later in the process.
  • Permissions: Set to "All"
  • Apply By Default: Leave this as "No"
  • Select Save
Edit Facility
  1. Goto Setup -> Facility
    • Select Floors Tab
      • Give them the lobby floor
        • Select the green plus button, next to "Floors Above Grade".  This should give you the lobby.
      • Select "Save"
Edit Occupancy
  1. Goto Administration -> Occupancy
    • Edit the Integrators Occupancy
      • Select the Floors tab
        • Select each Lobby check box (Occupancy, Reception Floor, Mail Floor)
        • Select "set default" for Occupancy, Reception Floor, Mail Floor
Add People
  1. Add Integrator People to BluSKY
    • We are expected to prime the pump and get the initial 1-6 people entered into BluSKY.  These people will then be expected to add additional people.
    • Get the "Reseller Staff Initial Enrollment Form". 
      • It should have been sent to you with the request to create the Integrator environment, otherwise contact Sales or PdC.
      • This form will give you the name, E-mail address, and Phone number to enter the people.
    • Goto Administration-> People -> Create
      • Person Type: Occupancy
      • Occupancy: "The Integrators name"
      • Floor: Should have been auto-populated due to the setting up of the Occupancy.
      • First Name: First Name of the person you are entering.
      • Last Name: Last Name fo the person you are entering.
      • MI: Middle Initial if given, otherwise leave it blank
      • Job Title: Enter the job title if known.
      • Gender: Enter the Gender
      • Start D/T and End D/T: Leave Blank.  This translates to start immediately and never expire.
      • Add Email
        • Select "Work" from the pull down and enter their email address.
        • Select "Default" button.  This will also populate the "User Name" field lower down the page.
      • Add Phone
        • Select "Work" from the pull down and enter their phone number.
        • Select "Default" button
      • BluSKY Login: Leave this set to "Yes"
      • User Name: Should be populated by Add Email settings above.
      • Password/Confirm Password: Unless you are told to create a password, leave this alone.
      • Select Save
      • Add the Administrator Role created above
        • Select Roles tab
          • Select "Add Role"
            • Role: <Name of Role Created above>
            • Scope: System Group.  Select the name of the integrator
          • Select "Add Role"
            • Role: <Name of Role Created above>
            • Scope: Integrator.  Select the name of the integrator
          • Select "Add Role"
            • Role: <Name of Role Created above>
            • Scope: Occupancy.  Select the name of the integrator
        • Select Save
Send Welcome Letter
  1. Send Welcome Letter to all the people you just created.

Hello FirstName and FirstName,


Welcome to BluB0X!


I am Shaun Peterson, Director of Customer Support Services for BluB0X.  You will find my contact information below.  I am here to help you with any questions you or your team might have as you learn our product and configure systems.


I recommend that you take some time and familiarize yourself with BluINFO, our Knowledge base (  In particular our “Getting started” and “Training” sections.  On the top right of every page in BluSKY is a help button.  This button will bring up the help page for the BluSKY page you are currently working in.

Some links to get your started:

I have created an integrator login for you.  You should already have received an email pointing you to your login and how to change your password.  Let me know if I can be of any additional assistance or answer any questions. 



  • Send email to Sales, PdC, Ildar, Shaun and PB that the Welcome email has been sent.
Add Integrator People To Zendesk
  1. Add People to Zendesk
    • Add the new people to Zendesk so that when they submit support cases they are associated with the correct Zendesk Organization.
      • Login to Zendesk
      • Select "+Add" and Select Organization
        • Name: <Name of Integrator>
        • Domains: <The Domain email address> , take the part of their email address after the "@" sign.  Ex If the email address is, the domain would be ""\
        • Select "Save"
      • Select "Add" and select "User"
        • Name: First and Last name of the user.
        • Email: Add the email address.
        • Role: Leave this as "End User"
        • Select "add"
        • After adding the first person you will be dropped into their User page.  Select the Integrators name next to the users name.
          • In the tag section on the left add "new-integrator", as you type it should appear as a selection.  There is a rule in Zendesk that will send out an email to people signed up for the new integrator list when the new integrator sends in a support case.  This way people who want to know all the details for a new integrator during their on-boarding time will get an email.
          • You only need to do this after the first person.


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