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First Elevator Not Updating in Elevator Portal


When in the Elevator control the first elevator in the building does not change state or get updated.  All the other elevator floors update as expected.


Unfortunately, due to a Mercury design decision, the first elevator relay, the first elevator floor in the elevator controller, is linked to an access control reader (ACR) and can not be used for reporting the status of the floor.  BluBØX is expecting an updated firmware release in Q1, 2016 to address this limitation.


For those that need a more technical description of the issue please read on.


BluSKY uses Mercury control points to report on the status changes of elevator relays.  The first elevator relay (Output) used in a sequence is linked to an access control reader.  This is preventing this same output to be used with a control point.

For example if you have two elevator sequences Sequence A, Car 1:  (LL1, Lobby, Floor 2, Floor 3), Sequence B, Car 2: (LL1, Lobby, Front 2, Floor 3).  In this example both Car 2 AND Car 1's LL1 will not have the status changes updated in the elevator control, due to each starting a new sequence.

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