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Covid19 Solutions for the Workplace



Covid19 Solutions for the Workplace


Access Control

Mobile Touchless Elevator Control (MTEC)

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  • For Two Button Elevator Systems
  • For Destination Dispatch Elevator
  • Systems For Two Button Elevator Systems with Integrated Security
  • For Destination Dispatch Elevator Systems with Integrated Security

Mobile Touchless Access Control (MTAC)

  • For Doors, Turnstiles, and Gates

Mobile Touchless Guest Access (MTGA)

  • For Frictionless Visitor and Vendor Entry Into a Facility
  • Gates Zero or Limited Security Officer Interaction
  • Zero or Reduced Waiting in Line with Other Visitors
  • Visitor Pre-authorization
  • Vendor Pre-authorization
  • Approved Vendor List
  • Integrated COI Management
  • Self Check-In Person Reader Kiosks
  • Health Surveys on Visitor and Vendor Invitations
  • Operating Instructions on Visitor and Vendor Invitations
  • Visitor/Vendor signing NDA on their personal device

Mobile Touchless Digital Credentials (MTDC)

  • Touchless Bluetooth Credentials - Tap and Twist
  • Seamless DIY Credential Management
  • BluREMOTE for Employees
  • BluPASS for Visitors and Vendors AI and Manual Locator and Tuning
  • Location and Usage Monitoring and Restrictions
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Fit for Work (FFW), Fit for Visit (FFV)

  • Reassurance for All People
  • Employee Fit for Work Certification and Credential Activation
  • Visitor/Vendor Fit for Visit Certification and Credential Activation

Work Day Scheduling

  • Alternate/Staggered Work Day Scheduling Using Access Control

Person Reader

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  • Visitor Self Check-In
  • Vendor Self Check-In
  • Employee One Day Pass Activation
  • Touchless DDE Assignment for Employees and Visitors
  • Touchless Turnstile Entry
  • DDE Default Floor Override on Turnstiles
  • Touchless Biometric Check In
  • ADA Touchless Entry
  • *Destination Dispatch for Two Button Elevators - Future capability
  • *Voice Activated Commands – Future capability

DIY Tenant Administration and Reporting

  • DIY Tenant Administration
  • DIY Tenant Access Scheduling
  • DIY Tenant Reporting

Video Wall

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  • Remote Video Monitoring from Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime
  • Live, Playback, Touring, Recording, Distribution
  • Cleaning Service Compliance Video Monitoring
  • Social Distance Compliance Video Monitoring


  • Any Content, Any Device, Anywhere, Any Time
  • A Single Pane of Glass to Administer, Control and Monitor your Facility
  • See and Control Everything from Everywhere
  • Multi-Site View Across Multiple Hardware Platforms
  • Collaboration for Incident Review, Monitoring, and Policy Compliance
  • Administration, Control and Monitoring Across a Building Portfolio
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BluSKY Driver

  • BluSKY Overlay to Upgrade Legacy Security Systems
  • Get COVID-19 Solutions for Legacy Security Systems
  • Mercury-Based System: Lenel, Honeywell, R2S, Open Options…
  • Proprietary Systems: AMAG, Software House, S2…

Managed Services

  • Remote Video Monitoring
  • Access Control Administration
  • Alarm Monitoring and Video Verification
  • Reporting
  • Social Distance Monitoring
  • System Health Monitoring and Repair

Time-based Proximity Reporting


  • Proximity Reporting for Contact Tracing Investigations
  • Find People That Have Passed Through The Same Security Points that a Known Infected Person has also Passed Through

Photo-ID Mobile Selfies

  • Mobile Selfies for Photo-ID Badging
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Mass Notifications

  • Building Notifications
  • Mass Notifications
  • Security Notifications
  • Facility-wide communication
  • Targetted communication based on company, role, floor, etc

Video Analytics

  • Elevator Cameras
  • Elevator People Counting with Video Analytics

People Counting

  • Limiting the Number of People in Elevators
  • Limiting People in Spaces through Occupancy Counting - Gyms, Amenities, Conference Rooms, Rentable Work Spaces, Pools, Rec Areas, Cafés, Bars

Log Books

  • Log Books

Incident Management

  • Incident Management

Elevated Temperature Detection

  • Temperature Sensing Cameras
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