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July 2020

Release 7/24/2020


Automatic Card Assignment: 

With Fit to Work, if you do not have an automatic card assigned to you, it will now automatically assign one to you within BluSKY. The concept behind this Automatic Card Assignment is that if you never want to use physical cards and just use digital credentials, a card number within BluSKY will be assigned quickly and automatically so that BluREMOTE and other digital credentials can be used. This new capability will also be rolled out for Employee One-day Pass and Personnel. 

Video Integration

Video Playback - Playback's toolbar allows you to navigate with a slider (click or hover into the video to get slider and toolbar options)  to the very minute and second you would like to playback the video and also search a particular date and time you would like to playback video- up to 90 days. 

Record - You can now record live video for up to 2 minutes. This is a huge benefit for those who manage and view the CCTV within BluSKY and need to record incidents as they appear. The recording feature will automatically record up to 2 minutes of video if it is not manually stopped. You can also add a clip note to your recording. The recording will be saved onto your local machine in an MP4 file format. 

Video Toolbar - On smaller screens, the text and icons will shrink to just icons for better video viewing. 

iPad App:


Person Reader: 



All Fixes applied in BluSKY for July were mainly performance improvements and back-end fixes that improved the User Interface. 

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