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January 2020

New Features and Major Improvements

Photo ID Badge Printing V2.0
  • New module under Administration called Badges allows you to bulk print photo ID badges.
  • Search filters allow you easily retrieve the list of badges that need to be printed.
  • Printer settings allows the selection of media type, card number ranges, print confirmation, badge templates and more.
  • Tracks failed and succeeded badges with date and time stamps.
  • Allows for easy reassignment of cards when printing failures create out of sequence card assignments.
  • Part of Platform license - no additional license required

Badges - List Screen.PNG

Badges - Filter Settings.PNG

Badges - Printing Options Dialog.PNG

Badges - Confirm Printing Dialog.PNG

Badges - Reassign Cards - Choose A Card Dialog.PNG

People and Access Level Auditing V1.0
  • New module running in the background that analyzes every user's access activity once a day and determines if a person has not used a reader, access level or access level group in a predetermined amount of time
  • Color coded People records indicate access recommended changes
  • Email can be sent to facility managers with recommended people and access changes
  • Access and People can automatically expire based recommended changes  
  • Part of Intelligence license - no additional license required
  • Please contact BluB0X Support if you would like to try this module - BluSKY configuration is required
Video for iOS Devices
  • Improvements have been made to create a better video viewing experience on iOS devices


ReleaseNotesDec20191.jpg  ReleaseNotesDec20192.jpg


  Reporting Subscriptions
  • A new service that allows a user to define a report, report parameters, distribution list and recurrence to have a report automatically created and sent. 
  • Part of Intelligence license - no additional license required
Mercury Firmware Upgrade V8.1.290
  • Reduces disconnect occurrences
  • Enables controller Host Communication and Network Settings configuration using Controller Diagnostics tool.
  • Resolves SIO communication issues associated with network and power loss
  • Improves alarm, intrusion and monitoring point communication and status
  • Firmware upgrades have begun and are being scheduled across all BluSKY sites

Mercury Firmware Upgrade - Controller Network Settings.PNG

Mercury Firmware Upgrade - Controller Host Comms.PNG

Performance Improvements
  • Improved BluSKY<>Controller synchronization performance by 20%
  • Improved Visitor and Vendor Access assignment speed by 20%
  • Improved BluSKY overall database performance by 5%
API Improvements
  • Added support for HID Bluetooth Mobile Credential Integration
  • Added more support for 3rd Party Tenant Engagement Applications such as Convene, HqO, RISE, etc.
  • BluSKY API documentation
Allegion Integrated Locksets
  • Improvements made to the LE/NDE Diagnostics and Configuration tool. 

LE NDE Diagnotics.PNG

Minor Fixes and Improvements

Visitor and Vendor Management
  • Security Officers are now able to change the start time of a visitor or vendor record. 
  • Fixed an error when trying to create a visitor or vendor request as an Integrator or Customer.
  • Fixed an error where visitors and vendors had the incorrect translated date and time from UTC.
Visitor and Vendor Badge Printing
  • Fixed a problem with visitor and vendor current date and time not being populated on a badge.
  • Fixed an issue with the Roles report showing Access Level Groups.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering Search = no cards.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering Search = no access.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering Search = has access.
  • Fixed an issue when filtering by a vendor.
  • You can now search for a person in a particular vendor.
  • Improved synchronization of BluSKY database changes with search results.

Access Levels

  • Fixed an error when an access level is deleted the Apply by Default is still active.

Person Reader

  • Improved Intercom connection and feedback.
  • Improved person detection algorithms.
  • Improve person classification algorithms.
  • Improved Person Reader Diagnostics tools (BluB0X only).
  • Fixed an issue in the IR channel data stream.
  • Fixed an issue with saving vendors.
  • Removed the ability to create duplicate configurations.
  • Enabled Occupancy Manager to create and edit their own visitor/vendor configuration page.
  • Fixed an error when trying to delete a single card or multiple cards.
Personnel Import
  • Fixed an error with Personnel Import timing out and not properly displaying the people that had been imported.
  • Moved "Offline Portal Mode" to initial settings page to give the setting more viability.
  • Changed the default of "Offline Portal Mode" from "Unlocked" to "No Change".
SIO Boards
  • Fixed an issue with displaying addresses that have been previously assigned.
  • Fixed an error with deleting a rule.
  • It is now possible to undelete a rule.
Date Calendar Picker
  • Fixed an error where the date calendar picker was not showing properly on mobile devices.
HID Bluetooth Mobile Credential Integration
  • Fixed an error with names of people that include an apostrophe.
  • Saves card information to cards database once the mobile card request from HID was successfully transmitted to BluSKY.
Video Integration
  • Improved video streaming.
  • Made camera GUID mapping case insensitive.
DSR Diagnostics
  • DSR Users button now shows the card number and facility code for each user.
  • Improved startup of the DSR Interface service after a DSR computer reboot.
  • Fixed an issue with Synchronize People logic.


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