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What is BluSKY?

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BluSKY is a simple to use but powerful web-based cloud-hosted security software platform that unifies all major security applications and works with any browser on any device, anywhere, anytime. No software to install, easy to use and easy to support. BluSKY brings all of the advantages of cloud-based computing to the physical access control world. For more information on how BluSKY is organized head on over to the BluSKY Hierarchy training section.

Here to Help

We know that learning new software can be difficult at times but we are here to help. BluINFO is a great resource for learning and staying up to date with all things BluBØX. Find out more here, Using the Knowledge Base. We also provide contextual help, powered by our knowledge base in BluSKY itself! This can be accessed at any time by clicking the Help link in the upper right of the screen.


We are constantly adding and updating articles in BluINFO and love community suggested articles. So if there is an article you would like to see, please Suggest an Article and we will contact you once it is ready. 

Accessing BluSKY

When a person is added to BluSKY, if they have a login, they will be sent an email. This email will provide a link with instructions for adding a password to their account. Just follow the link in the email, confirm your email address and enter a new password. If you do not receive this email, please contact your Facility Administrator. 

  • Note: Password must contain Upper, Lower, Number and Special Characters such as _$@(), etc.

Logging In

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  1. Launch your Internet browser of choice. We love Chrome but our software is supported on all modern browsers.
  2. Navigate to the BluSKY.
  3. Type your email address in the Email field.
  4. Type your password in the Password field.
  5. Click the Login Button button.

The first page you will see when you log in, is the home page. This page contains links to help you quickly navigate to the most common duties for an Occupant Administrator. These options are determined by your Role and may appear differently from one Person to Person. 


Password Management

Password Management comes in a few different way in BluSKY. Please use the list below to identify the best method for resolving password issues. 

Key Knowledge articles for you or to help your Occupants:

  • Forgot your Password - use this if you are not able to access your own account
  • Change Your Own Password - use this if you want to change your own password and do not have access to your own personnel record
  • Change a Person's Password - this can be used to change someone else's password but will require that you have personnel administration rights for the Person

 Security Consideration: the password is encrypted from the moment you enter it and BluBØX nor your administrator have the ability to retrieve your password under any circumstances. If you are still stuck, you may contact your Facility Administrator, and they can manually enter a new password for you. 

Want to Learn More?

In addition to this article, BluINFO has tons of information on how to use BluSKY. Feel free to use the search feature to find what you are looking for but here are some popular next steps. 

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