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Schedule Picker


The new Schedule picker is now available in BluSKY. The new picker allows you to search for and select Schedules even easier. This change also allows us to give a a more consistent look and feel across the product.


Schedule Picker Update
  1. Select the System that contains the Schedule you are looking for. 
    • Note: This field will automatically be filled in you only belong to one System.
  2. Select each Schedule and click the  button to move them from the unselected list to the selected list.
    • The  button will deselect all Schedules selected so far and the  button allows you to deselect them individually.
    • The Undo Button button will undo your last action and the Redo Button button will reverse the undo action.
  3. When finished, click the  button to select the Schedule and close the Schedule selector.


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