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Release Notes: 10-24-16

Feature Improvements

New Favorite Options
  • New options added under the Favorites in the Main Menu: Events, Occupancies, Rules, Notifications, Distribution Lists, Vendors and Me (an option that takes you directly to your own Person records.
    • Note: The favorite options are generated dynamically based on your permissions, not all options listed may be available to you with your current Role.
  • Removed less popular options like Run a Report and Add an Occupancy.
  • Changed the order of favorites on the Home screen.
Menu Changes
  • The naming of certain menu items has changed. Please refer to the Menu Name Changes article, for more information. 
  • This change should have a minimal effect on the end users. Most changes pertain to the Setup -> System and Setup -> Diagnostics
  • Integrators and Building Managers can now build their own rules.  See Administration -> Rules.
  • Added two new Event Categories (Visitor and User Login)
    • Visitor - You can create a rule that will trigger when a visitor is checked In, Checked Out, Visitor Instance Updated, Visitor Invitation is Added, Visitor Invitation Updated. In short, you can have a rule that will trigger at any stage of a visitor invitation.
    • Login - Trigger a rule when a login is created, updated, or the password is reset.
  • New menu category, Demo, is now live. 
Person Picker
  • When you need to select a person you can now select based on Customer and Integrator.
Notification Picker
  • When you need to select a notification template there is a new picker to make the selection of the template easier.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Person Activity Report - Now works with reporting on users in a base building where they have access rights to doors and floor stops in another system.
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