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Enterprise Features

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  • Pre-registration of visitors for quick check-in experience

  • Manage visitors, contractors and vendors from any location for any location

  • Data input via visitor credential scanning

  • Visitor badge barcodes and QR codes

  • Set up multiple-day visits with one request

  • Automatic email and SMS host notification upon check-in

  • Enrollment of existing visitor electronic credentials.

  • Enrollment of visitor smartphone as access control and visitor management credential

  • Visitor badges include visitor photo, assigned access privileges, and user-defined data

  • Admits pre-screened guests through turnstiles, vehicle gates, elevators, checkpoints and secure portals

  • Returning visitor recognition provides expedited check-in

  • Satisfies visitor tracking security and reporting requirements for many guidelines, standards and regulations including HIPAA, OSHA, C-TPAT, and ITAR

  • HR and other application real-time integration – SAP, PeopleSoft

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) Integration

  • Security watchlist integration

  • Touchscreen self-service kiosks

  • Automatic visitor photo capture

  • Employee temporary passes

  • Custom visitor badge templates, auto-assignable by visitor type

  • Pre-printing of badges for large visitor groups

  • Spreadsheet data import for large visitor groups

  • Supports paper badges and electronic card credentials

  • Single system for building and tenant visitor management

  • Expected Visitor and Visitor Arrivals reports by host, site, tenant, visitor's organization, etc.

  • Visitor, contractor, and vendor traffic analytics by time of day, group, peak period, visitor counts, unusual visitor numbers, visitor processing statistics

  • Certificate of Insurance, training requirements and other contractor/vendor data tracking

  • Vehicle license capture

  • Unlimited locations

  • Unlimited reception desks and kiosks

  • Unlimited visitors, contractors, vendors, tenants and users



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