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PSaaS is a WIN-WIN for Integrators and End Users

The PSaaS model works because it embodies today’s megatrends which are quickly pushing it forward. It also works because it is a win-win solution for everyone across Financial, Technological, Operational and Strategic areas.

For Integrators: It gives them a differentiated product to sell that is aligned with technology and starts them on the path to generate high margin recurring revenue and improve their business value.

For End Users:

  • It lowers their up-front cost and their total cost of ownership
  • It guarantees frequent upgrades to the software and optionally to the hardware providing less obsolescence and more innovation.
  • It reduces the equipment that is installed on the premises, meaning that less can go wrong and fewer headaches.
  • It enables better and faster support (remotely / through the Cloud) and thus promotes a positive, long-term relationship with the provider.

And for BluBØX: PSaaS provides a high level of differentiation and amazing profitability in a market that is otherwise suffering from commoditization.

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