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Unified Access, Alarms, Video and Visitors Everywhere

Unified Everywhere
Out-of-the BØX Unified
End-to-end Security
Web-Cloud Applications
One common database
One user experience



Factor #4: “Unified”, and “Unified Everywhere”

Unified means that all necessary functionality (applications) is built from-the-ground-up into a single software application, and all the data is held in a single database, and presented using a single User Interface.

      No integration is ever needed from one element of functionality to the other.

      No data needs to be transferred from one function to the other.

  The user interface is familiar and consistent

Unified Security means that Access Control, Visitor Management, CCTV, Alarm Management, Elevator Control, are all in one place.

Unified Everywhere means that Unification benefits are available on mobile devices – wherever they are...

BluBØX is Unified Everywhere (we built it that way).



  • Unified applications do a better job of providing security, and do it at less cost. 
  • Unified systems share information across multiple applications, so you can respond faster and more effectively.



But this is where client server unified platforms end and BluBØX continues.  Our Web-Cloud applications provide the benefits of unification no matter where you are or what device you have.  We utilize one database across all applications to keep your data clean and events synchronized to the same time clock.  We provide one interface for all applications which makes the system easy to learn and use.  This is Unified Everywhere.  Experience the difference today.


End-to-end security. All From one place.

Silo applications are a thing of the past.

  • Different manufacturers, diverging agendas
  • Uncoordinated hardware and software releases
  • Each silo creates additional cost and risk


Unified end-to-end security is the future.

  • One manufacturer, one vision, one product
  • Always integrated and improving
  • Lower initial and total cost of ownership


Out-of-the-BØX unified. It works.

Integrated application silos are a house of cards.

  • Expensive integration costs
  • Each silo varies in depth of integration
  • Fewer overall capabilities
  • Any silo upgrade can break the integration


With BluBØX, Unified is One.  And done.

  • No integration costs
  • Deep, reliable integration
  • Expanding capabilities
  • Seamless upgrades


Web-Cloud applications take you everywhere.

Client-Server Unified is limited to only the local network.

  • Only works ON network which means limited use
  • Mobile limited by network and device
  • Requires client software installation and maintenance

Web-Cloud Unified means Unified EVERYWHERE.

  • Unified on AND off network
  • Unified extends to mobile devices everywhere
  • No software, installation or maintenance required


One common database. Effortless.

Silos mean extra work and dirty data everywhere.

  • Redundant data entry into multiple silos
  • More administration, more mistakes
  • Silo databases become misaligned over time
  • Different clocks make event reporting impossible

A single, unified database means clean data. Always.

  • Less data entry
  • Less administration, fewer mistakes
  • Clean data in, good data out
  • Same clock for all events


One user experience. So much easier.

Application silos mean multiple, inconvenient user interfaces.

  • Limited functionality on mobile devices
  • Different interfaces for each application and device
  • Much more training, harder to learn
  • Poor user experience

BluBØX means a single, user-friendly interface.

  • 100% functionality on all devices
  • Same interface on all applications and devices
  • Less training, easier to learn
  • Better user experience



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