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Track Record in Physical Security

Technical Highlights

  • Developed the industry’s first and most successful Enterprise class Hosted Security Platform

  • Created 30+ unified web-based applications that spanned security and facility management

  • Ran our own data centers at co-location facilities in the US and UK

  • 1M Users, 11K Companies, 20K Facilities, 30M events/mo.

  • Integrated 30+ applications, 5 access control products, 2 alarm products and 3 elevator products under one common operating platform, one database and one user interface

Business Highlights

  • SMB & Enterprise Customers

    • Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Comcast
    • Class A Commercial Real Estate
    • Corporate Tenants  
  • Very successful recurring business model

    • $30M/yr. total revenue
    • $15M/yr. in recurring revenue
    • Less than 1% attrition  
  • Sold business to G4S in ‘08 under a 3 year earn out to expand product presence


75% percent of BluBØX’s team comes from their former company Touchcom (’94-’11) where they developed, sold, installed and supported the industry’s first and most successful enterprise class hosted security platform.

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