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Sales and Marketing Strategy

  • Differentiate Ourselves
    • Enterprise web-cloud
    • Mercury Compatible
    • Big Data Analytics
  • Targeted Early Market Approach
    • System Integrator Schedule (# of Integrators in each Primary, Secondary,
    • Tertiary Cities by Year)
    • Website Development, SEO and Inbound Marketing
  • Creating Demand
    • Woo Consultants (3rd Party Spec, Marketing, Education)
    • Educate System Integrators on how to sell Recurring Revenue
    • Market Direct to End Users (Drive Interest through the Channel)
  • Garnish Channel Loyalty
  • Online Demos for Everyone


1. BluB0X differentiators are an excellent match to the direction of the security industry.

2. We will initially target integrators most likely to bring projects that play to our strengths.

3. BluB0X will vigorously educate consultants, integrators, end users and the industry to drive demand.

4. Web-cloud nature of systems lends itself very well to real time demonstrations.

5. And presents very interesting opportunities for novel ways to design, quote and procure new systems.


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