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Open Hardware and RESTful Software API

Freedom of Choice
Industry Standard and Compatible
A Future-Proof Investment
Tried and True
Connects to Everything
Easy to Upgrade to BluSKY



BluBØX with Mercury Inside.

Choose BluBØX with “Mercury Inside” for your IP-based security solution and align yourself with open, industry standard technology.  Never get locked into one brand or proprietary hardware. Always be able to pivot and move forward.  With Mercury Inside you have more than 20+ brands to choose from giving you choice and compatibility that will protect your security system investment for years to come.


Freedom of Choice

As an end-user, if you buy Mercury, you install a product that serves 20+ other brands of security system.  40+% of all systems installed are Mercury-based. 

Once Mercury is installed at your locations, you have the freedom to change from what brand you currently operate to any of the other brands that will operate your system without further investment in your installed hardware.

As an integrator you can sell the advanced capabilities of BluSKY and Security 4.0 as an upgrade to existing systems without replacing any of the hardware.  That’s the benefit of an open hardware platform.

  • Lenel

  • Identicard

  • Johnson Controls

  • Honeywell


  • Kastle Systems

  • S2

  • RS2

  • BadgePass 

  • Matrix Systems

  • Open Options

  • Feenics Systems

  • Midpoint Systems


  • Maxxess 

  • Avigilon

  • Genetec

  • NextLevel

  • Security

  • Keri Systems 

  • G4S (Touchcom) 

  • Quintron

Industry standard and compatible. Always.

We are a “standards-based company”:  We are committed to ONVIF, OSPD, PSIA, TCPIP, Wiegand, Blutooth, OPP, Contact ID, etc…

Industry standards drive compatibility.  Compatibility makes things inter-operable and inter-changeable…. 

So compliance to industry standards is a must in the selection of a product today.

For this reason, BluBØX uses the most current industry standards in all areas of security and technology.

BluB0X customers experience the highest levels of quality, compatibility and flexibility, now and in the future.


A future-proof investment.

No one can predict the future.  But you can reduce your risk and position yourself for continuous improvement. 

Your investment is always protected with BluBØX’s open platform because you are not locked into a brand (Lenel, AMAG. Softwarehouse), and you are not locked into an integrator

As new technologies emerge, our open platform will give you the best chance of being able to take advantage of them.


Tried and true.

Mercury: Boasting a 23 year legacy, Mercury is the most widely installed access control platform in the marketplace, it is installed by some of the largest companies in the world, and it hosts some of the largest access systems in the world.

Mercury is used by more than 20 leading manufacturers and is at the forefront of delivering the highest quality, most innovative and cost effective hardware that is flexible enough to meet the most demanding facility security applications. From one door to thousands, Mercury open hardware is the most secure choice you can make.

We are hosted by Microsoft Azure.  It is one of the prominent hosting facilities in the cloud.


Connects to everything.

BluBØX’s set of Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allows manufacturers to integrate their products with BluSKY. 

The Open API extends across all applications and is built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using the open standards REST, SOAP and JavaScript to communicate. 

As the Internet of Everything (IoE) continues to march forward, BluSKY’s Open API is available to connect to everything.

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