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Host and Guest VMS Email Notifications

BluSKY provides a very robust and customizable notification system out-of-the-bøx 


  • Notifications provide system intelligence and feedback through targeted, event driven communication to BluSKY users
  • Notifications can be triggered by many things in the system.  Some are built into BluSKY and automatic and some are manually programmed by users.  Some are even manually triggered by users.
  • Every Notification has an owner and a scope that it applies over. Notifications can be defined with different levels of scope.
  • Notifications can be sent to distribution groups and/or individuals.  Distribution groups can be static or dynamic.
  • Notifications can specify
    • Message body and attachments
    • Schedule (when its sent where – default is 24/7)
    • Distribution Lists and/or Individuals
    • Message Trigger
    • How the message is sent  - Email, Text, API, On Screen
  • The Notifications module includes a built in notification creation and editing tool. The content of any notifications is customizable by people that have the proper permissions



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