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Demo Database – 127 High Street

127 High Street


Platnium Car Leasing/ Jim's Audio Visual



American Catering



National Bank



National Bank



Stellar Properties / ASO


P1 Front

Parking/ Loading Dock

P1 Rear


image209.jpg Platinum Car Leasing Facility Manager Julie Coakly U/N: image210.jpeg Platinum Car Leasing Employee Janet Wilson U/N:
image211.jpg Jim’s Audio Visuals Facility Manager Kathy Pearson U/N: image212.jpeg Jim’s Audio Visuals Employee Steven Stones U/N:
image207.jpg American Catering Facility Manager Jill Bickman U/N: image208.jpeg American Catering Employee Michelle Stein U/N:
image214.png National Bank Employee Michelle Bernsty U/N: image213.jpg National Bank Employee Terry Smith U/N:

National Bank Facility Manager Miles Carrion U/N:
National Bank Receptionist Mary Hart U/N:
image205.jpg ASO Inc. Security Supervisor Christina Bailey U/N: image206.jpeg Stellar Properties Building Manager Bob Hopkins U/N:

ASO Inc. Security Officer Jay White U/N: image217.jpeg Unified Security Integrator Steve Strong U/N:



Building and Occupants

  • 5 story multi-tenant commercial office building
  • Lobby, floors 2 through 5, Parking Garage and Loading Dock in Level P1
  • Stellar Properties is the owner and property management company
  • ASO is the third party manpower security company
  • Unified Security is the security system integrator
  • There are a mix of 6 full, partial and multi-floor tenants


  • A 24 hr. security desk in the lobby controls the entire security system and visitor processing
  • A business hour security desk in the loading dock controls vendor access
  • Tenants manage their own employee database – adds, edits, deletes, photo-id and reporting
  • All tenants and employees pre-authorize their guests and vendors
  • Temporary guest and vendor credentials integrate into building security system
  • Front and a back doors are on card access
  • Elevator Card Access in one elevator
  • Front and Rear Parking level is only available for tenants
  • The building has an alarm system and a LCD Keypad
  • System also calls out to central station for redundancy
  • There are three alarm zones; Lobby Intrusion, Office Intrusion and Critical Alarms
  • The Critical Alarm zone includes IT room alarms and create an alarm 24/7
  • Lobby Intrusion Zone includes door breach and lobby motion detectors
  • The Office Intrusion zone includes all office doors
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