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Breakdown – BluBØX Generalized Visitor Management

Technology Challenges 

Using the previous slide’s visitor workflow, we can identify several challenges that require many years of industry knowledge and experience

  • Responsiveness – use module on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop) with no loss of functionality and only one codebase
  • Recurrence – visitors that come the third Monday of the month
  • Single Sign On – often required for Enterprise customers
  • Watchlist Management and Checking – Notifying people when overrides are requested or matches are found
  • Pre-arrival Instructions, Arrival Notifications, and other Real Time Communications (SMS, Email, Onscreen in a browser)
  • Photo Capture – Done in the cloud with no ActiveX or browser plugins?
  • Credential Capture and Validation – driver’s license validation, passport validation, etc. done in the cloud with no plugins
  • Biometric Enrollment – using the visitor’s face as their access control credential
  • Badge Printing – Including bar codes or QR codes if necessary
  • Access Control Integration – having the visitors badge work just like an employee’s, having it work “instantly”
  • Single day pass for employees – temporary pass that is only good for one day but still audits out as if it was the person’s permanent credential
  • Vendor Accommodation – UPS needs to access multiple floors and multiple occupants per arrival + integrating with elevators including destination systems and freight
  • Emergency Mustering – Who’s In, sending SMS messages and automating responses to “account” for visitors in case of an emergency



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