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Budget Sheets

  • Prepare a Budget Sheet Annually for Each Customer

  • Protect Your Recurring Revenue

  • Include Project Work

  • No Money in the Budget = No Projects

  • Drive Business Year Over Year

Budget Sheet should include:

  1. Disclaimer
    • Indicate that these are estimated costs
    • Indicate that 10% should be added to the numbers to prevent going over budget
    • Indicate that the invoiced amount may differ from the estimated budget amount
    • Indicate if the services include tax
    • Indicate if the services include an increase from the previous year
  2. BluSKY Licenses
  3. Support and Preventive Maintenance
  4. Equipment Upgrade Support
  5. Supplies
    • Cards
    • Badges
    • Other Consumables


  • To ensure customers budget the proper service amount each year for the following year, integrators should prepare a budget sheet for each customer and send it to them in September and again in November of the current year for the following year (this assumes calendar year budget cycle for the customer).
  • Budgets should also include any project work you would want to be budgeted for the next year. These can be proposals that were submitted during the current year for the next year’s budget or just a bucket of money you want to set aside to do system expansion or upgrades.
  • Use this method to drive business year over year and ensure your recurring revenue and project work is in the budget.
  • If the money isn’t in the budget, the project isn’t going to get funded. So feather your bed.
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