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BluSKY Features and Benefits


  • Hosted and protected in Microsoft Azure

  • No client software or apps to install or manage

  • Works with any browser on any device, anywhere, anytime

  • Real time control, status, and events from everywhere

  • Unlimited scalability from one device to tens of thousands

  • On-demand applications and unlimited simultaneous users

  • Superior multi-system, multi-site, partitioned architecture

  • One unified database, one user experience, one events clock

  • Automatic software upgrades and open RESTful API


BluSKY is hosted and protected in multiple Microsoft Azure data centers and all communications to and from BluSKY utilize secure connections. So, the data is significantly more secure than if it were stored on-premises.

BluSKY is accessed via any browser, therefore no mobile apps or local client software needs to be installed or regularly updated.

Because the system is “responsive”, it adapts automatically to any display size making the user experience and capability the same across all devices.

Unique to BluSKY is the ability to provide simultaneous real-time control, status and events from anywhere in the world without the need to load or maintain software or establish a VPN connection.

The Microsoft Cloud provides BluSKY with immense processing power for high-level functions such as analytics and artificial intelligence.

The Cloud and the multi-system, multi-site, multi-tenant database architecture provide enterprise-class capabilities and unlimited scalability…. it supports small and medium-sized businesses or the largest multi-facility global enterprises just as effectively.

 Everything is available on demand and there is no limit to the number of simultaneous users for efficiency, collaboration and rapid response.

 BluSKY’s unified architecture ensures that all security events are synchronized to the same time clock across all security applications.

And with BluSKY’s automatic software upgrades and Open RESTful API all users run the same version of software that is continuously evolving and can connect to everything.


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