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Channel and Licensing Strategy



  • Traditional integrator and alarm dealer channel

  • SMB to Enterprise solution

  • 250 – 300 integrators nationally

  • Market direct to end users to create demand in the channel

  • Market A&E specs to consultants and get specified or approved equal

Very Large Enterprise

  • Market direct to large, sophisticated end users

  • Establish position as an enterprise class solution

  • Special projects


  • License and private label BluBØX products and services to manufacturers that are interested in providing a unified Cloud solution as part of their offering

  • Focused on legacy client-server Video, Access Control and Alarm companies and Mercury partners

Online Selling & Distribution

  • Low cost no panel/light panel BluSKY to wireless locks, no NVR video and SMS/Email alarm notification solutions

  • Small systems

  • Residential and small business

  • DIY market

  • Special distribution and partnership situations

  • Internet sales via BluBUY e-commerce website


BluBØX’s strategy is principally to sell its product through the Reseller Channel. 

However, BluBØX will also address and present to very large enterprises.  This is made easier by the contacts that the management team developed in this community during its tenure in its previous company.   The Cloud-based solution is a sufficient departure from current practice that evangelization is still needed, and it cannot be solely done at the Reseller level.

BluBØX also believes there is opportunity to license its products to third parties that do not have the internal capabilities to create competing products or wish to get to market faster than what an internal product development will provide.

Another significant outlet for BluSKY is the residential and very small business market.  It may appear strange that an enterprise level product might fit this price-sensitive market, but its scalability qualifies it.  A specific product marketing strategy will be needed, including the creation of an e-commerce site and packaging of the product into small, easily sellable, easily configurable packages.

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