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About BluBØX

BluBØX’s business purpose is to develop and acquire high barrier-to-entry intellectual property and sell it through multiple channels.  To this end, two companies have been set-up, one operating, the other holding. 

BluBØX Security Inc.

  • MA Company Founded in 2013.
  • Manufacturer and service-provider of BluSKY, a  Cloud based physical security – public, hybrid and private platform.
  • Licenses the use of BluSKY.  Licenses provide the recurring revenue and are invoiced monthly.
  • Resells BluCHIP, the 3rd Party Hardware that is installed locally through certified Resellers.
  • Employee-Owned MA and NY based:
    • Team of 27 currently
    • Sales and Marketing – 6
    • Product Development – 14
    • Operations – 7
    • Many from previous company
    • All earn equity with a 4-year vesting period

BluBØX Technology Holdings Inc.

  • FMA Company Founded in 2015.
  • Charter is the Development and Acquisition of high-barrier-to-entry Intellectual Property.
  • Licenses BluB0X Technology and Intellectual Property to 3rd party manufacturers and enterprise customers.
  • Two Patents pending:
    • Multi-Factor, Multi-Biometric Person Reader
    • Web-Cloud-based Security Management System conforming to Security 4.0
  • Cross and common ownership with BluBØX Security.



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