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Mobile Credential Videos

Touchless Solution - Using BluREMOTE

BluREMOTE allows for seamless access control through the use of mobile devices. No need to purchase additional proprietary credentials or Bluetooth or NFC readers as all that is required is an internet connection at the access point. This solution can be used at any controlled door, turnstile, elevator or destination dispatch elevator, and is compatible with multiple sites, systems, and hardware. With destination dispatch elevators, it even provides the assigned elevator car on your mobile device, as demonstrated in the video

Touchless Solution - Using QR Codes

QR code readers at turnstiles allow for efficient access control through the use of mobile QR credentials. Not only can employees, guests, and vendors gain entry with ease, they can also receive their assigned elevator car directly on the turnstile, eliminating the need for additional steps or devices. 



Users can seamlessly enter any portal without the need for physical cards or contact with readers. Utilizing their mobile devices as a form of credentials, they can pass through with ease and convenience. 

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Visitor and Vendor Management & BluPASS Credentials

Provides a frictionless mobile solution for guests and vendors when using turnstiles and Destination Dispatch Elevators.

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