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Application for Payment Form

Download here: Application for Payment Form Rev 3.xlsx

Instructions For The Use Of The Progress Payment Worksheets     

  •  Start With A Blank Workbook For Each Project.
  • Each Payment Request Consists Of Two (2) Sheets:   A Cover And A Continuation Sheet
  • Start By Filling Out The First Continuation Sheet
  • Only Write In The Greyed-Out Fields.
  • The First Continuation Sheets Should Provide A Breakdown Of All The Tasks, And Provide A Scheduled Value For Each Of Them
  • The Grand Total In Column C Should Match The Value Of The Contract
  • The First Cover Sheet Automatically Picks-Up Data From The First Continuation Sheet.
  • You Can (Must) Fill-In The Grey Fields.
  • The Retainage Percentages That You Set Here Are Transferred Back To The First Continuation Sheet.
  • When Complete, You Can Submit The Two Sheets As Your Progress Payment Request.
  • The 2nd Payment Request Is Documented By The (Green) Continuation And Cover Sheets
  • The Tasks And Schedule Of Values That You Entered In The First Sheet Are Shown In Grey Fields
  • Normally,  You Would Not Change Any Of This Data.
  • But, If There Are Change Orders, You Can Add Them As Tasks: This Increases The Total Value Of The Work That Is Shown At The Bottom Of Column C
  • Such Change Orders Need To Be Accounted For In The Table At The Bottom Of The Cover Worksheet
  • You Document Your Work For The Period In Column E.  The Workbook Keeps The Running Total Of Work Done Over All The Periods
  • If You Wish To Be Paid For Stored Materials, You Must Report Them In Column F: That Value Is The Stored Inventory Value At The End Of The Period, Not What Was Added During The Period.


Questions:  Patrick Decavaignac At Patdecav@Blub0X.Com Or 914-255-0025    


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