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What are BluBØX Security's System Port Requirements


Generally speaking, BluSKY uses a sophisticated network scheme to make networking as easy as possible. However, in some cases where outbound traffic is filtered it is necessary to enable  communication on certain ports and domains. This article discusses the ports and domains that must remain unfiltered to allow BluSKY to communicate with the local hardware.

Network Requirements for BluSKY Access Control

For Access Control we need to send outbound traffic to the following hosts. 

  1.  * ports 80, 443, 3001, 3010, 3011

( ' * ' means all subdomains of this domain.)

Network Requirements for BluSKY Video Services

For our Video services we need to send outbound traffic to the following hosts (no ports open for inbound traffic are required):

  1. * (*means all subdomains of this domain), ports 443 and 9354
  2. *, port 443
  3. *, port 443, 9354

( ' * ' means all subdomains of this domain.)