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BluB0X App Installation and Setting Location Services

Initial Installation

 Step-by-Step Installation & Setup process.

  • Install Android BluSKY app Version 1.3.8 from Google Play App Store.
  • Once installed, open the app.
  • Upon launching the app, the app will display a permission pop up asking for location permission. Tap on “OK”.
  • Select “While using the app” option from “Allow BluSKY to access this device location” popup.
While using.jpg
  • If the phone has “Battery Optimization” feature make sure to turn this feature off for the BluSKY app by going into your phone
  • Settings > Battery optimization.

Re-enabling Location Services After Initial Install

  • Long press the app icon to open app options. Tap on App info or "i" icon to open app info. 
location services.jpg
  • Tap on storage.
Storage Red.jpg
  • Tap on "Clear Data" - this will delete the app data and reset the app to a new state.
  • Launching the app will now give you all the permission pop-ups.
Clear Data.jpg


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