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Create a Watchlist



A Watchlist is a list of people that are banned from the Facility. When a Visitor Request is made with a name on the list a warning pops up warning the requester the person is on the Watchlist. This article provides detailed instructions on creating a new Watchlist.


  1. Log in and navigate to Watchlists. Main Menu-> Administration-> Watchlists
  2. In the lower left hand side click the  icon.

Create Watchlist

  1. Use the System drop down menu to select the System using the Watchlist.
  2. Use the Name text field to give the Watchlist a name.
  3. The Owner Company and Owner Name selection is currently disabled.
    • Note: It is a known bug. If you wish to assign Owner Company and Owner Person you may do so by editing the entry,
  4. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to finish.
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