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Person Reader Mounting Guidelines


Person Reader Mounting Guidelines

Mounting Requirements

  • Properly mounted readers should not alter the behavior of users approaching an unlocked door
  • Mount reader
    • Such that middle camera is 52” – 60” (center camera AFF)
      • ADA Compliance the PR can be mounted at 50" (center camera AFF)
    • Next to handle-side of the door
    • In the same plane as the door
    • Such that it is facing approaching users at an arm’s length
    • Away from spotlights
Person Reader Mounting

Things to Avoid

  • Reader facing the door
  • Obstructed field of view
  • Hard or inconvenient for users to position themselves to face the PR
Mounting PR Dos
  • Good placement
  • Good lighting
  • The reader recognizes you as you approach the door
PR Mounting Don'ts

To frontally face this device users would have to:

  • Block the door they are trying to open
  • Face away from where they want to go