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Secondary Power Supply Boards


The LifeSafety Power, power distribution module provides an additional voltage in a FlexPower system. Secondary power supplies are used to generate a second or third system voltage to power a device using a lower voltage than the operating system voltage, such as modems or routers. This method allows one standby battery set to back up all system voltages for a more reliable system

Features flex-power-system.png

  • This voltage can either be accessed directly via the secondary power supply terminals or through other
  • The secondary power supply input is typically supplied by the FPO power supply, allowing the FPO’s battery set to back up the secondary power supply output.
  • Output settings for the secondary power supply include a fixed 12V setting and an adjustable setting of 5 to 18V.
  • Multiple secondary power supplies can be added to a system for virtually unlimited voltage combinations.
  • Flex Power Compatible
  • Share the same Agency listings as the FPO series power supplies.
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