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Power Supplies


The FPO family of switch mode power supplies incorporates the advanced FlexPower feature set, two user outputs, 12V or 24VDC user selectability, Fire Alarm Interface function, on board programmable battery charger, fault detection reporting, and network monitoring and programming capability of battery, power, and fault status.

Features flex-power-system.png

  • Listed for Fire Alarm, Intrusion, Access Control, CCTV and Mass Notification
  • DC1 and DC2 output - DC2 switched output programmable for fail-safe or fail secure operation via the FAI/Access control input
  • Flexible FAI/Access control input with optional latching feature for Canadian installations
  • Full fault detection, including earth ground detection and battery presence detection
  • Datalink connection provides accurate data log of battery usage for proper replacement service
  • Network interface  for remote monitoring with optional NetLink module
  • Accepts a 120 or 230 VAC nominal input at 50 Hz or 60Hz

The different models at a glance

Model Output Voltage and Amperage  Total Wattage Charging Rate
FPO75 6A/ 12V or 3A/ 24V 75W 40Ah
FPO150 12A/ 12V or 6A/ 24V 150W 80Ah
FPO250 20A/ 12V or 10A/ 24V 250W 80Ah


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