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LifeSafety Power M8/M8P

8 Output, Smart Monitoring and Control Module Fused (M8) or Class 2 Power Limited (M8P)

The M8 smart power controller communicates with the NL4 network module and provides eight (8) monitored and controlled relay outputs accessible from a network or internet.

The M8 provides eight (8) control INPUTS capable of voltage or dry contact activation and eight (8) controlled and monitored OUTPUTS, with each output network programmable for fail-safe, fail-secure, fire alarm over ride, and AC loss over ride for egress lock control. Each output is also programmable to either of two voltages available when used in a dual voltage iSCAN power system.

Each output may also be individually enabled/disabled through a browser interface and the voltage and current of each output may be monitored via network or internet, and trigger points may be set up on each output to generate an alert when that output is outside of selected parameters.

Product Features

  1. Comprehensive output zone control
  2. Provides installer selectable output voltage, when used in a dual voltage system
  3. Dual voltage bus and prewired cables connect the M8 to the power supply or additional accessory modules
  4. Fiberglass PCB for improved environmental performance, high efficiency operation
  5. RoHS compliant

Agency Listings/Standard

USA: UL 2044, UL 294, UL 60950-1

Electrical Ratings

Parameter Rating
Input Voltage 12 and/or 24 VDC
Input Current 20 Amps
Output Voltage 12 / 24 VDC
Current / Output 3A (Fused), 2.5A (Pwr ltd)
Current Measurement Range 0 - 3.0 Amps
Voltage Measurement Range 8
Access Control Inputs 8
Fire Alarm Interface Per Output


Monitoring and reporting FlexPower systems for

  1. Output condition/System integrity/Battery health

Remote diagnostics and service features

  1. Eight managed outputs with system expansion to twenty four
    1. Current draw
    2. Voltage level
    3. Power draw
    4. Device ON/OFF recycling
  2. Individual output enable/disable
  3. Remote power cycling control of external equipment

Email or SNMP notification on

  1. Fire Alarm Interface (FAI) activation
  2. Abnormal condition - per output basis
    1. Over voltage or over current
    2. Loss of voltage or current
    3. Output power cycled

SNMP set and trap notification

  1. Version 1, 2, or 3


  1. Add remote lock management for banks, hospital wards, drug cabinets, high security areas, casinos, etc.
  2. Supervise locks and devices for over stress
  3. Power cycle DC cameras, NVRs, DVRs or any edge device

Additional capabilities through the NL4 interface

  1. Monitor and report health and status of host power supply and battery set
  2. Auto-schedule, test, and report battery standby time
  3. Remote supervision of battery’s state of charge
  4. Remote monitoring and alert of external temperature fluctuations
  5. Monitoring of internal cabinet temperature
  6. Time/date stamp system log reports of last 100 events

M8 Programming Screen

Each INPUT can be programmed to respond to
  1. Application of voltage between 9 and 33VDC
  2. Removal of voltage between 9 and 33VDC
  3. Normally open dry contact transition 
  4. Normally closed dry contact transition 
  5. Activation or deactivation through software 


Each OUTPUT can be programmed for following modes
  1. Voltage output from power supply one
  2. Voltage output from power supply two
  3. Fail-safe, Fail-secure 
  4. Fire alarm over ride for egress lock control 
  5. AC loss over ride for egress lock control 
  6. Trigger points based on voltage or current values to send an alert via email or SNMP 

M8 Ui 1

M8 Home Screen

  1. Voltage, current, power ratings
  2. Control Input, FAI, and output status

M8 Ui 2

Ordering Information:

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # Description
M8 670-2830 LSP M8 Monitored Lock Controller 8 Zone 3A Fused (requires NL4)
M8P 670-2840 LSP M8P Monitored Lock Power Controller 8 Zone 3A PTC (requires NL4)
Mechanical Information Size: 6” x 4 x 1.5” Weight: .75 lb.

- Provided with cables and mounting hardware

Additional Resources

  1. Ae Spec(Available Soon)
  2. InstallManual.pdf
  3. M8-M8P DataSheet.pdf


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