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BluCHIP MR50-ECRBK (753-2000)


BluCHIP MR50-ECRBK Elevator Car Reader Board Kit

The BluCHIP MR50-ECRBK is an Elevator Car Reader Board Kit. It includes a Mercury MR50, a voltage regulator, power supply, wiring speed kit, and mounting hardware.


System Features

  • Quick release terminals (wire gauge 14-20 AWG)
  • Lightweight molded compact insulated housing
  • Compact design allows for integration in a wide range of camera housings

System Benefits



Input Power:
  • Input 24VAC or 24 VDC
Output Power:
  • 12VDC output
  • 1 amp continuous supply current
  • Filtered and electronically regulated output
  • Built-in overload protection
Visual Indicators:
  • Power LED indicators
Access Panel:
  • (1) MR50
  • 4 Inputs | Outputs
Size and Weight:
  • Altronix VR1T: 1.00”H x 2.375”W x 1.625”D | .14 lbs.

Recommended board layout 


Kit Includes

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
MR50 130-2300 1 Mercury MR50: One Door Controller 12/24VDC
VR1T 500-2401 1 Altronix VR1T: 24VAC/DC to 12VDC 1 Amp
MR50-VR1T 577-2601 1 Speedkit 22 AWG MR50/VR1T: Power pair for
Elevator Applications
640-1402 640-1402 1 BluBØX: MR50 Elevator Mounting Bracket

Ordering Information

BluBØX Order # Description
753-2000 BluCHIP MR50-ECRBK Elevator Cab Reader Board Kit
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