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BluCHIP 1501-1R/2I/2O-E2ML (752-1100) - Discontinued

Mercury EP1501 One Reader/Two Input/Two Output System for Four Doors

The BluCHIP 1501-1R/2I/2O-E2M is a unified One Reader/Two Input/Two Output System for Four Doors and expansion space to support three additional readers. The kit is configured with space to add backup battery and utilizes an FPO power supply to generate 12 or 24VDC. It includes a Mercury EP1501 board, a locking four door enclosure with tamper, power supply and wiring speed kit. It is expandable to four readers with one Mercury MR50 and one Mercury MR50 and one Mercury MR52 board. Remote management and reporting of power supply and battery health are available through BluSKY Power Diagnostics.

System Features

FPO offline power supply

  1. 120 or 230 VAC input
  2. 12 and 24 VDC outputs
  3. On board Fire Alarm Interface
  4. Continuous and resettable DC

Distributed output module

  1. Four, controlled fused at 3A each
  2. Eight, auxiliary Class II P limited at 2.5A each

Expansion options

  1. Increased power, multiple voltages
  2. Additional distribution outputs
  3. Power management

Enclosure Features

Labor saving design

  1. Unified power and security in one enclosure
  2. Pre-wired power section
  3. Removeable backplate simplifies installs
  4. Speed kit is included for power and data wiring

Additional benefits

  1. Wire management room
  2. 4.5” enclosure depth fits battery set
  3. Tamper switch, lock, dual key set standard
  4. Mounting hardware for access boards included


Input Power:
  1. Input 120/230VAC 50/60Hz | 100 Watts
  2. Overload and short circuit protection
  3. Over temperature protection
  4. Polarized AC power supply disconnect

Output Power:

  1. 75W Total Output Power | 12VDC/6A or 24VDC/3A
  2. 5 -18VDC @ 4A Max. | FPO Board Outputs: Continuous (DC1), Resettable (DC2)
  3. 4 Lock Outputs, 8 Auxiliary Outputs, Class 2 PL @ 2.5A each
  4. 120mV Output Voltage Ripple | System Efficiency: 85% | System BTU Rating: 33 BTU/Hr

Battery Charging:

  1. Independent built-in 1A (FPO75) Charger for sealed lead-acid or gel type batteries
  2. Microprocessor dual rate charging of 12 or 24V battery sets
  3. Automatic switchover to standby battery when AC fails
  4. Zero voltage drop when switched over to battery backup
Regulatory Compliance:
  1. UL294, UL603, UL864, UL1076, UL1481, UL2044, UL2572, ULC S318, ULC S319, ULC S527, CSA C22.2 #107.1, FCC Part 15, CSFM Approved

Access Panel:

  1. (1) EP1501
    1. 1 Reader | 2 Inputs | 2 Outputs

Size and Weight:

  1. 20.00”H x 16.00”W x 4.50”D | 28 lbs.

Recommended board layout
 BluCHIP 1501-1R/2I/2O-E2ML Labeled

Kit Includes

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
EP1501 120-1000 1 Mercury EP1501: One door DB controller Ethernet PoE/12V
E2M-SK-3T 577-3035 1 BluBØX E2ML-SK-3T Speed Kit: Three board precut DC power, RS485 and lock trigger wiring kit
EP1501-MR50 640-1400 1 BluBØX EP1501-MR50 Bracket
FPO75-B100C4PD8PE2M 670-1421 1 LifeSafety Power: Four door power supply w/ power distribution, includes enclosure

Expansion Options

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
MR50 120-2300 1 Mercury MR50: One door DB controller 12/24VDC
MR52 120-2500 1 Mercury MR52: Two door controller & auxiliary I/O 12/24VDC

Ordering Information

BluBØX Order # Description
752-1100 Mercury EP1501 One Reader/Two Input/Two Output System w/ Managed Lock Power for Four Doors

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