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BluCHIP 1501E-2R/6I/4O-E5M (751-2100)

Mercury EP1501 Edge Solution Two Reader/ Six Input/ Four Output System for One Door 

The BluCHIP 1501E-2R/6I/4O-E5M is a unified Edge Solution Two Reader/Six Input/Four Output System for One Door. The kit requires PoE or external 12VDC. It includes a Mercury EP1501 and a MR51e board with a locking two door enclosure with tamper.

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Kit Includes

MFG Part # BluBØX Order # QTY Description
EP1501 120-1000 1 Mercury EP1501: One door DB controller Ethernet PoE/12V
MR51e 120-2400 1 Mercury MR51e: One Door Controller Ethernet PoE/12V
E5M 670-1290 1 LifeSafety Power E5M Enclosure for up to 2 Small Mercury boards

Ordering Information

BluBØX Order # Description
751-2100 Mercury EP1501 Edge Solution Two Reader/Six Input/Four OutputSystem for One Door

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