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BluB0X x Gunnebo x OTIS - Case Study

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Building History:

  • Iconic San Francisco Property
  • 48-story Class A Building (763,000 SF)
  • 24 Elevators
  • 50+ tenants
  • Legacy On Premise Disparate Security Systems
  • Top to Bottom Renovation began in 2022 (Finished 2024)

BluBØX Installation Summary:

  • BluSKY Security and Facility Management Platform
  • AI Building Oracle with Natural Language Interface
  • DIY Identity Management, Analytics and Reporting
  • Person Readers with Integrated DDE in Turnstiles, Lobby, Parking, and Upper Floors
  • BluSKY Elevator Management and OTIS Destination Dispatch Integration
  • BluSKY Video Management and Analytics 
  • 126 Camera Sensors and Cloud Based Recording
  • BluB0X’s Visitor & Vendor Management with Apple and Google Wallet QR Codes
  • BluPOINT Beacons and BluREMOTE Mobile Door, Elevator, and Turnstile Control
  • BluB0X’s Alarm and Intrusion
  • 8x Gunnebo Turnstiles with Integrated Person Readers and DDE Floor Selection
  • BluSKY Communication, SIP-based Voice, Video, Text Door and Elevator Intercoms
  • Tenant Engagement App Integration
  • BluID Mobile Credentials including Apple and Google Wallet Credentials
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • Credential Compatibility with Tenant Systems


In an ambitious endeavor to rejuvenate an iconic edifice, our comprehensive case study outlines the transformative journey enabled by BluB0X's advanced security and facility management system. The primary objectives set forth for this landmark project were multifaceted, aimed at restoring the building's historic allure while redefining it as a beacon for contemporary tenancy. Central to our mission was the enhancement of every facet of tenant interaction, anchoring on a foundation of technology-led services, state-of-the-art amenities, and a frictionless user experience.


Facing the complexity of a complete overhaul within a constrained timeline, the project presented a series of formidable challenges. Key among these was the imperative to educate both tenants and staff comprehensively, ensuring a smooth transition to the new systems and protocols. Security measures necessitated a holistic approach, initiating the establishment of an integrated Security Operations Center (SOC) that would serve as the nerve center for the building's safety and security operations.

The Solution:

The implementation of BluB0X's cutting-edge integrated security platform marked a significant milestone, facilitating a complete reissue of building credentials with a shift towards mobile access for enhanced flexibility and convenience. This transition was underscored by the meticulous redevelopment of the tenant database, necessitating the acquisition of updated information from all occupants to support the advanced system requirements.

Moreover, the initiative aimed to democratize the tenant experience through do-it-yourself (DIY) interactions with the security system, empowering users with control and accessibility. This, coupled with the overhaul of the building's navigational and operational efficiency, was designed to revolutionize how individuals interact with the space, optimizing movement within the building and across the complex at large.

Through strategic planning, innovative technology, and a dedicated focus on user experience, the project aspires not only to elevate the building's status but also to set a new standard for modern, technology-enhanced commercial spaces.

Here’s a focused breakdown of these key areas, demonstrating the thoughtful integration of technology and design:

Front Desk Monitor.jpg
Lobby Transformation and Integration

The renovation of the lobby stands as a testament to both aesthetic and functional enhancement. By merging two separate half lobbies into a unified space and introducing a sleek, new desk design, the area has been transformed into a more welcoming and efficient environment. The installation of two large Microsoft Studio 28-inch touchscreens on articulating arms represents a leap forward in how security personnel interact with the BluSKY system. These touchscreens enable quicker and more intuitive control over various security operations, such as visitor processing, door and turnstile overrides, and managing elevator, video, and intercom systems. This approach underscores the commitment to an "everything-everywhere-all-at-once" interface, where all elements of the security system are accessible and manageable in real time from a single point, ensuring a seamless operational flow and heightened situational awareness through the Building Oracle feature.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

The SOC epitomizes the core of the security and facility management ecosystem, encapsulating a comprehensive control hub equipped with BluSKY’s unified user interface (UI). This centralized system harmonizes various security components—video surveillance, access control, alarms, intrusion detection, intercoms, elevator control, analytics, data optimization, identity management, visitor and vendor management, AI-driven intelligence reporting, power management, and system health—into a single, cloud-based platform. This not only simplifies management and enhances responsiveness but also ensures enterprise-class reliability, redundancy, and cyber protection. Accessible from anywhere, at any time, and on any device, the SOC serves as the operational heart, facilitating a robust and integrated security management framework.

Smart Turnstiles

The smart turnstiles stand out as a flagship innovation, offering unparalleled versatility in access control. Capable of recognizing a wide array of credentials—from biometric data like faces and voices to digital passes such as QR codes, NFC, Bluetooth credentials, and even traditional RFID cards and PINs—these turnstiles ensure a seamless entry experience. Particularly notable is the facial recognition feature, which addresses the common scenario of tenants' hands being full, allowing for a hands-free, hassle-free building access. Additionally, the turnstiles' integration with a destination dispatch system simplifies elevator assignments, learning tenants' habits over time to expedite their journey by directly assigning elevators or preferred floors, thereby enhancing overall building traffic flow and elevator efficiency.

Elevator Cars' Technological Integration

Within the elevator cars, the installation of cameras equipped with video analytics for people counting and load assessment further streamlines the tenant experience. This system can intelligently decide when an elevator should bypass additional stops if it's at capacity, optimizing travel time and efficiency. The addition of video, voice, and text intercoms inside the elevators enhances security and communication, especially in emergencies, providing a direct line of support and facilitating immediate assistance.

Inside Elevator-roof.jpg

Upper Floor.jpg
Person Readers Across the Building

Expanding the reach of BluB0X's innovative technology, person readers are installed not only at the turnstiles but also throughout lobby floors, parking areas, and amenity levels. This widespread deployment ensures a cohesive and efficient system for managing access and facilitating rapid, automated vertical transportation within the building.

BluSKY Software: Empowering Tenant Self-Service

A pivotal aspect of the building’s innovation is the BluSKY software, which empowers tenants to autonomously manage employee credentials, edit personal information, preauthorize visitors, and access a suite of analytics and reporting tools. Features such as automatic photo ID updates, opt-in for biometric recognition, and extensive automation in database management significantly reduce administrative burden. Furthermore, the software's capability for third-party integrations, including single sign-on and active directory, enhances user convenience and security.

Bluskymapsdashtap 2.jpg
PR Turnstiles Guard.jpg
Comprehensive Integration and State-of-the-Art Efficiency

Collectively, these innovations exemplify a holistic approach to building management that prioritizes automation, security, and user experience. The strategic integration of advanced technologies, from smart turnstiles and elevator management systems to tenant self-service software, positions this building as a model of modern efficiency and convenience. By addressing both the logistical and experiential aspects of building navigation and access control, BluB0X and BluSKY have created an environment that stands as a benchmark for future developments in the heart of San Francisco and beyond.

The Benefits - A True Definition of a Smart Building: 

The integration of advanced technologies has redefined the building as a beacon of smart infrastructure. Key benefits include:

  • Turnstiles integrated with Person Readers providing all forms of recognition and Destination Dispatch assignment at the turnstiles – turns wait time into walk time for a seamless walk on elevator experience.
  • User’s choice of identity credential: Appearance, Voice, Name, RFID, Bluetooth, NFC, QR Code, PIN
  • Destination Dispatch Person Readers installed in the elevator lobby for people who forget their assignment, miss it at the turnstiles or change their mind. 
  • Video cameras integrated with readers and elevator floor assignment for every event and cameras automatically calculate “wait time” for every person to track every individual’s elevator experience.
  • Automatic Elevator assignment based upon learned behavior of every person – greater convenience and eliminates elevator “ghost calls.”
  • Automatic updates of Photo-ID records for every person and guests (if desired) to save 1,000s of administrative labor hours a year.
  • Person Readers with NVIDIA Orin NX SOMs capable of running a LLM for commands, questions, and full conversation in major languages – coming by mid/end of 2024.
  • Cameras in elevators running BluSKY Analytics that detect duress, falls and emergency situations.
  • Cameras in elevators running BluSKY Analytics that determine when elevator is full and issue a hall call bypass to elevator system, so it does make unnecessary stops.
  • Cameras in elevator determines floor stops for every individual and correlates to every individual’s original floor selection for better security.
  • Video, Voice, Text (VVT) Elevator Intercoms that can simultaneously call local security and anywhere in the world in the event of an emergency or initiation by passenger.
  • Video, Voice, Text (VVT) Elevator Intercoms that can speak multiple languages and hold conversations – coming end of 2024.

In conclusion, the successful collaboration between our team and the client has transformed the building into a paradigm of innovation and excellence. By synergizing design, technology, and operational prowess, we've not only overcome challenges but also paved the way for a safer, smarter future in building management and security.

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