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BluSKY License Guidelines

Click to download Excel file: BluSKY License Guidelines.xlsx

License Basis for License Notes
Platform # of people in database Required license. Only active records, not deleted or expired.
Intelligence Calculated automatically Required license
Reader # of readers in system Includes doors, turnstiles, DDE keypads, elevators, bar code devices, biometric devices (with the exception of the Person Reader) 
Reader - Residential # of residential readers in system (low usage readers) Example: All-in-one wireless locks on a residential door in a multi-family building
Person Reader # of Person Readers  
Alarm & Intrusion # of inputs Examples: Door contacts, request to exit, 3rd party system input, etc.
Central Station 3rd party central station integration with BluSKY This should be "1" or "0"
Relay Elevator # of relay-based elevators cars  
DDE Keypad # of destination dispatch elevator keypads Include destination dispatch elevator keypads in desks, lobby, freight and upper floors
DDE Support # of destination dispatch elevator cars  
Camera - Local # of cameras using subscription based camera license VMS camera licenses may be purchased one-time or as-a-service. This license applies when they are being charged as-a-service.  
Camera - Cloud # of cameras viewable and event recorded to the Cloud  
Visitor & Vendor Processing # of expected visitors in a month This is the number of pre-authorized visitors plus visitors that actually arrive. This number is normally 2 times the number of visitors that actually arrive.
Watchlist Integration  3rd party watchlist integration with BluSKY Examples: Preditor database, FBI database. Per watch list.
Vendor Management # of vendor companies  
Intercom # of Intercom calls/month  
Intercom - Residential # of apartments (occupancies)  
Life Safety Management Life Safety Management applications in use This should be "1" or "0"
Database Integration # of people in database 3rd party database integration with BluSKY. Per database integration.
Single Sign-On Integration # of people in database Single Sign-On integration with BluSKY
Data Center Integration Call for quote Data center integration with BluSKY
BluPASS # of arrived visitors Must be issued a credential. Requires visitor/access control integration.
BluID # of Bluetooth credentials as a subscription  
Control Point # of control points (without an associates card reader) Examples: Doors with electric locks but no CR, or other controllable devices such as lights, fans, pumps, etc.



BluSKY is an on demand, pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-use metered service

BluSKY license costs are non-linear so it is not possible to extrapolate costs up or down

BluSKY licenses decrease in unit cost as the quantity per license increases

BluSKY Platform and Intelligence licenses are required for any BluSKY system

Use the BluB0X pricing tool to calculate accurate BluSKY license estimates

BluSKY Licenses should be viewed as ESTIMATES of the cost

Actual costs are based upon actual usage during a month

BluSKY licenses tend to reach an annual steady state even though actual usage my vary month to month

BluB0X uses the quantities that exist in BluSKY on the last day of the month plus usage during the month to determine monthly costs

All BluSKY usage is available through the BluSKY interface and reports

Usage on a site by site basis is sent to each BluB0X partner each month

BluB0X billing is automated from the data within BluSKY to provide consistency and eliminate mistakes 

Multi-site, portfolio and enterprise discounts are available

Pre-negotiated discounts are entered into our billing system and automatically applied each month



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