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BluSKY License Guidelines

To help calculate the number of people, visitors, vendors, or credentials use the chart based on square footage of building: Facility Size, People, Visitors, Vendors, BluPASS Credentials

License Basis for License Notes
*Platform # of people in database Required license. Only active records, not deleted or expired.
*Intelligence Calculated automatically - % of the specific licenses used Required license
Reader # of readers in system Includes doors, turnstiles, DDE keypads, elevators, barcode/QR code readers, biometric devices (with the exception of the Person Reader) 
Reader - Residential # of residential readers in system (low usage readers) Ex: All-in-one wireless locks on a residential door in a multi-family building
Person Reader # of Person Readers  

Control Point

# of control points (without an associated card reader)

Ex: Doors with electric locks but no CR, or other controllable devices such as lights, fans, pumps, etc.

Alarm & Intrusion # of inputs Ex: Door contacts, request to exit, 3rd party system input, etc. (usually 2 inputs per door) 
Alarm Integration 3rd party Alarm System Integration with BluSKY Ex: Alarm Panel, Fire System, or Building Automation System
Central Station 3rd party central station integration with BluSKY

Enter qty of 1 for Central Station 

Elevator Relay System # of relay-based elevators cars Must also include the # of readers in the elevators in the reader license 
DDE Keypad # of destination dispatch elevator keypads Include destination dispatch elevator keypads in desks, lobby, freight and upper floors
DDE Support # of destination dispatch elevator cars  

Camera - Cloud

# of cameras viewable in BluSKY

Must include all camera views (180 has 2 views, 360 has 4 views) 

Video Streaming

# of cameras streaming over the internet


Visitor & Vendor Processing # of expected visitors in a month This is the number of pre-authorized visitors plus visitors that actually arrive. This number is normally 2 times the number of visitors that actually arrive. 
3rd Party Watchlist Integration  3rd party watchlist integration with BluSKY Ex: Predator database, FBI database. Per watch list being integrated into BluSKY.
Vendor Management # of vendor companies

This is a separate database from the Visitor database to allow for COI management, Vendor employees associated to each company, COI expiration notices, etc. 

Intercom - Commercial # of Intercom calls/month  Intercoms must be SIP-based
Intercom - Residential # of residents (apartments) Intercoms must be SIP-based
Life Safety Management # of people in database  Assignment of Life Safety roles (Fire Warden, Deputy Fire Warden, Searcher, etc.) Printing of floor Life Safety org charts, Reporting, Mustering, etc. 
Database Integration # of people in database 3rd party database integration with BluSKY, per database integration
Single Sign-On  # of people in database Single Sign-On integration with BluSKY
Equinix Integration per integration Equinix Communication Channel to Azure
BluPASS per visitor/vendor/employee one-day pass given a BluPASS Credential Temporary digital credential, requires visitor or access control license(s) 
BluHID # of Bluetooth HID Credentials  Permanent HID digital credential
BluID # of Bluetooth BluBØX Credentials Permanent BluBØX digital credentials 

* Required Licenses


  • BluSKY is an on demand, pay-as-you-go, pay-for-what-you-use metered service
  • BluSKY license costs are non-linear, so it's not possible to extrapolate costs up or down
  • BluSKY licenses decrease in unit cost as the quantity per license increases
  • BluSKY Platform and Intelligence licenses are required for any BluSKY system
  • Use the BluB0X pricing tool to calculate accurate BluSKY license estimates
  • BluSKY Licenses should be viewed as ESTIMATES of the cost
  • Actual costs are based upon actual usage during a month
  • BluSKY licenses tend to reach an annual steady state even though actual usage my vary month to month
  • BluB0X uses the quantities that exist in BluSKY on the last day of the month plus usage during the month to determine monthly costs
  • All BluSKY usage is available through the BluSKY interface and reports
  • Usage on a site by site basis is sent to each BluB0X partner each month
  • BluB0X billing is automated from the data within BluSKY to provide consistency and eliminate mistakes 
  • Multi-site, portfolio and enterprise discounts are available
  • Pre-negotiated discounts are entered into our billing system and automatically applied each month
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