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Price List User Guide

Rev 7.13 - 2/10/2016

Price List and Order Form - User Guide

Please e-mail all Orders or POs to


The workbook has seven(7) tabs that are organized in three(3) sections:

  • The first two light-blue tabs are the Cover Sheet and this User Guide
  • The next two (2) darker-blue tabs are the Price List: the first such tab shows monthly license prices (that's the recurring revenue component), and the second shows hardware and services prices (these are the items that are purchased on a one-time basis).
  • the three (3) remaining very-dark-blue tabs support the ordering of items from BluBØX. (Of course, you may choose to send-in your own Purchase Order instead). The first dark-blue tab holds the order information, the second supports the ordering of  the "one-time" items (i.e.  the hardware and services) that need to be ordered from BluBØX. The third helps you determine the monthly license fees that shall be due for an installation, but you NEVER order up monthly licenses (see note below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the monthly license fees that are associated with licensable items are NEVER ordered on a PO or Order Form: they are invoiced automatically the fist time an item appears in the databases, and each month thereafter so long as the item remains in the databases.


The Reseller Price List Cover Sheet

indicates the revision level of the Price List and the Reseller Class to which it applies. Always make sure that you have the current revision of the Price List and that it matches your Reseller Class. Reseller Classes are: "Early Adopter", "Elite", "Premier" and "Certified".

The User Guide

provides Information on how to efficiently navigate the Price List and the use the Order Form.


The BluSKY Licenses Price List

shows the Retail Price and the Reseller's Price for each BluSKY monthly license fee.  License fees are billed to you monthly on a Facility-by-facility basis.  There is a fee for each licensable item for which there is a record in the databases during the month being billed.  The fees are determined by automatic inspection of the BluSKY databases and they are itemized in the Monthly Licenses Report that is created for each Facility.

The Materials & Services Price List

shows the Retail Price and the Reseller's Price for every item that is purchased up-front and not billed on a recurring basis. Non-recurring items are usually locally-installed software, hardware, supplies and services.  


The Order Info Sheet

captures the information that is needed for BluBØX to process an order.  If you use the Order Forms, you must send BOTH the Order Info Sheet and the Materials & Services Order Form properly filled-out. Alternatively, you can use your own PO form, but be sure to include all the information that is carried by this Order Info Sheet. Orders must be sent to

PLEASE NOTE: Contractually, you are obligated to buy from BluB0X all the Category A items that are needed for an installation. In the case of a take-over, you must pay the applicable take-over fees. You are free to source Category B and C items as you please.

The Materials & Services Order Form

is the same as the Materials & Services Price List, but with the addition of the Quantity, Extended Retail Price, and Extended Reseller Price columns.

PLEASE NOTE: You can send us the Order Info Sheet and this Materials & Services Order Form to order items from  BluB0X: Simply select the two tabs and print/save them to .pdf as a single document. ALTERNATIVELY, you can transcribe to your own PO form and send it to us instead.  If you do, please be sure to include all the information that is captured on our Order Info Sheet.

The BluSKY Licenses Estimate

need not be sent to BluB0X.  Its sole purpose to to help you determine the monthly licenses that will apply to your client's installation.  Remember, monthly fees may NOT be ordered on a PO or an Order Form: instead, they appear automatically on your Monthly Licenses invoice, based on the contents of the databases.  


You can reduce the amount of data that you are viewing at any time by using Excel's Grouping and Filtering features. Here is how they work:

1. Display / Collapse Groups

In the upper left side of the Price List and Order Form, please note the boxed 1, 2, 3, 4 numbers as shown below:

Filter Overview

These numbers, when clicked, will expand or collapse the worksheet: Click on the 1 to display only the main categories (dark blue lines); click on the 2 to also display the subcategories (light blue lines); click on the 3 to show all the items (white or yellow). Try it!

Now click on the 1: This displays the dark blue Main Categories as shown below:

First Price List Filter

Notice the + signs that are displayed to the left of the worksheet: clicking one of them expands the corresponding Main Category…

NOTE that the + signs are always located ONE LINE BELOW the listing that you wish to expand Clicking the + sign that is just below "One Time Software Licenses" (i.e. lined up with "Access Control and Alarm Management") expands the "One Time Software Licenses" category as shown below:

Secondary Filters

Clicking the - sign that is at the end of the vertical line collapses that group again…

The same can be said about sub-groups: If you click on the 2, you will display all the sub-groups as shown below:

Second Filter

Clicking any + sign expands the associated sub-group : for instance, For instance, clicking the + sign associated with "Destination Dispatch Converters" in the table above yields the result shown below:

NOTE again that the + signs are always located ONE LINE BELOW the listing (i.e. the subgroup) that you wish to expand

Second Filter Granular

Clicking the - sign that is at the end of the subgroup's vertical line collapses that group again…

2. Using the Filter to view only the items that you intend to order

In the Order Form, there is a filter icon in cell A5 (it is a funnel).  This serves to collapse ALL the lines in the entire chart so that only the items for which you indicated a non-zero quantity in column I are shown, along with their sub-category and main category heading.  (Those are the items that you presumably wish to order).  

Only Ordered
Notice the funnel to the left of the word "Item"
When you click it. it will give you several selections:
  1. Click "Select All" once to unselect all items
  2. Click "1" to select only the items that are being ordered
  3. Then Click OK

This provides a result such as this:

Order Form View

It is important to reset the Filter to "Select All" before using the grouping feature or proceeding with any other work in the chart.

Once you have familiarized with these couple of Excel features, we hope that you will find the documents easy to use…

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