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What data is recorded in BluSKY?

BluSKY provides the capability for Subscribers to store basic personal information such as an individuals name, email address and photograph. This information is used to correlate security events to the correct individual as well as to enable notifications and BluBØX Mobile Pass functionality. Though the system has the capability to store a number of personal data elements, these items are not essential for operation of the system. BluSKY records the actions of system Administrators as well as the status and the settings of various devices that have been configured to operate with BluSKY.

How is my data used?

Customer Data entered in BluSKY by Subscribers or collected through the operation of the system are for the exclusive use of our Subscribers. BluBØX may access Customer Data only for the purpose of providing the Services or preventing or addressing service or technical problems or as may be required by law. BluBØX does not sell, rent or trade personally identifiable customer information with third parties. BluBØX shares data with relevant 3rd party processors when explicitly authorized by administrators in the relevant BluSKY account, for example, to enable integrations via our Application Programming Interface (API).

How secure is my data?

The security of Customer Data, including personal data, is very important to BluBØX. BluBØX maintains a comprehensive, written information security program that contains industry standard, administrative, technical, and physical safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized access to Customer Data. BluSKY safeguards Personally Identifiable Information (PII), in accordance with NIST SP 800-122 and OMB memos M-06-16 and M-07-16 with specific provisions enabled by the Subscriber.

How does BluBØX prevent against hacking the web site?

As described in the BluBØX Information Security white paper, BluBØX has followed industry best practices for securing data and applications in our data center. These measures include: physical security of the data center itself, network security instruments such as firewalls, authentication and string encryption, operational practices such as keeping operating systems and applications secure against known vulnerabilities, and engineering application-level security into BluBØX web services.

Can BluBØX employees see my data?

BluBØX’s Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) can view certain data within your account when you authorize them to do so. The Journal in your account will reflect all such access.

No other BluBØX employees are permitted to view your data. This policy is enforced in several ways. First, the BluBØX corporate LAN is completely separate from the LAN at our data center. Network operations employees are authorized to access the data center via a dedicated link from our headquarters, but only through a firewall and only with the proper password information. Per BluBØX’s information security policy, these passwords are known by very few individuals and are changed on a regular basis.

Can I get my data out of BluSKY?

Yes, customer data can be exported from BluSKY via our report functions. In situations of termination of an account BluBØX will provide a complete copy of the account data upon request.


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