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Role Report



Role Report
The Role Report is a listing of all of the people assigned to a given role. This report also includes information on the permission assigned to the given role. This article discusses some of the uses o the report as well as some of the options for crating one.

The Report

Roles are used to define who can do what in a system. The Role Report gives a high-level view of all of the Roles and which abilities they grant and to whom. Customers use the report to ensure that staffing needs are met. For example, if there was some sort of event that required additional staffing to admit visitor or schedule appointments, the Role Report could quickly give you a list of the Roles that have those permissions and the people that could carry out this duty. 

Role Report



Name Description
Name The name of the person who has the Role
Occupant Where the Role is in effect
Vendor <tbd>


Name Description
Perm Group The top-level in the permission hierarchy 
Perm Type What the permission describes
Perm Level What actions the permission grants. Example: A, E, D mean Add, Edit and Delete

Creating the Report

  1. Log in and navigate to Role Report. Main Menu-> Reports-> Role Report

  1. Select the System from the system drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Company you want to generate the report for.
  3. Next, select the format you want the report in, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  4. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to generate the report.
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