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Delegates Report



Delegates Report
This report will detail all of the points delegated to other Customer/Occupant or Vendors. This report can be used to ensure that certain points are only delegated to the desired recipients.

The Report

The Delegates Report provides information about the delegation of certain points to different Occupants. Delegation helps large multi-tenant facilities distribute the administration of the access control system to the people who have an Occupancy in the Facility. The Delegates Report will provide information about which Occupancies have the ability to assign which Floor Stop or Readers. 

Delegates Report


Name Description
System Name of the access control system.
Type If the point delegated is a Floor Stop or Card Reader
Delegated Item The name of the delegated Portal or Floor Stop
Delegate Recipient Name of the Customer/Vendor or Occupant that receives the delegated point.
Delegate Type Whether the recipient is a Customer/Vendor or Occupant
Date Inserted The date this entry was added to BluSky.
Inserted By  The name of the login who created this entry in BluSKY.
Date Updated The date this entry was last updated.
Updated By Who make the last update to this entry.
Date Deleted The date this entry was disabled or deleted from BluSky.
Deleted By Name of person who disabled this entry.



Create Delegates Report

  1. Log in and navigate to Delegates Report. Main Menu-> Reports-> Delegates Report
  2. Select the System from the system drop-down menu.
  3. Select how you want to organize the report with the View By drop-down menu, either by Point or Recipient.
    • Note:  The information will be exactly the same just arranged in a different order. 
  4. Next, select the format you want the report in, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  5. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to generate the report.
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