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Alarm Report



Alarm Report
While you never have to manage an alarm, it may become necessary to review alarm history. These reports can help quickly identify problems or possible intrusions.

The Alarms Report

The Alarm Report is an important tool for security staff and building managers. This report can be used to ensure that proper procedures are followed as well as help keep the facility safe and secure. Alarms are often the first sign of unauthorized access and can also be used to help identify probing activities into a building. We don't want to paint a bleak picture here, but criminals and hackers may be trying to determine the best time to strike, right now. Often people pose as delivery people or visitors and attempt to check for unsecured methods of entry. We recommend that you monitor the Alarm Report to look for patterns. For example, a UPS driver that visits every so often, coincidentally, the same time as an IT room alarm, might be a cause for concern. Physical breaches in security can be costly and there has been a rise in corporate espionage which often begins with a physical breach. 

Alarm Report


Name Description
Priority (Feature Available Soon)
Facility Where all facilites can be viewed and edited..
Type What type of alarm was triggered.
Source Where the alarm was triggered.
Description The type of Alarm.
Occurred Date and time of the alarm.
Received  (Feature Available Soon)
Acknowledged This field determines if anyone has viewed the alarm through the BluSKY. 
Acknowledged By The name of the person that viewed the Alarm.
Cleared When cleared it takes the Alarm out of its Alarm state.
Cleared By The person who cleared the Alarm.
Mask Mask will disregard the alarm status of a particular point and allow the IPS group to arm normally.
Masked By The person responsible for masking the IPS Point. 


Create Alarms Report

  1. Log in and navigate to Alarm Report. Main Menu-> Reports-> Alarm Report
  2. Select the System from the system drop-down menu.
  3. If you wish to run the report for a certain period of time, use the From and To date pickers to set the range.
  4. If running the report for a specific Facility select it from the Facility drop-down menu.
  5. Choose which Alarm Types from the Alarm Type field.
  6. Use the Acknowledge check box to decide if you want acknowledged alarms included in the report.
  7. Use  the Acknowledge By text field to specify a Person who has acknowledged the alarm.
  8. Use the Order By drop down menu to configure how the report will be ordered.
  9. Next, select the format you want the report in, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  10. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to generate the report.
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