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Access Denied Report



Access Denied  Report
The Access Denied Report provides information about all unsuccessful access attempts.  The report also contains information about the reason for the denial and the time the event occurred.  This article discusses how to run this report and how to use it to diagnose issues with a person's access rights.

The Report

The Access Denied Report is typically used to diagnose issues with a Person's access rights. The report provides information about the time, place and reason for a denial of entry. When you run the report you are given different options to filter the report to certain causes and/or to specific Portals and Floor Stops. These filters can be useful for pinpointing a reported issue with a Person's credential or ability to enter a certain area. 

Access Denied Report


Name Description
Date/Time The date and the time of the denied access request. 
Facility The physical building where the denied access event happened.
Portal/Elevator The name of the Reader or Floor Stop that denied entry.
External Card # The full card number including facility code, if applicable. 
Internal Card # The number encoded in the card. 
Recognized This field indicated whether the card is associated with a person or not.
Reason The reason why the request for entry was denied.
Last Name The last name of the person attempting to gain entry.
First Name The first name of the person attempting to gain entry.
Affiliation  The name of the organization the person is associated with. Typically an Occupancy, Vendor or company of a Visitor.
Email The email address of the person attempting to gain entry. 


Denials by Time of Day

The Denial by Time of Day graph is added to allow you to pinpoint the times of day when the most unsuccessful requests for entry are occurring. The graph has been particularly useful identifying the requests to enter outside of typical work hours. 

Access Denied by Time of Day Graph

Top 5 Portals

The Top 5 Portals by Count graph is particularly useful when trying to find out where the most unsuccessful requests are occurring. Using this portion of the report you are quickly able to see the restricted areas people are trying to get into the most. This information can then be used to fine tune the access right of the system or identify an area that might be targeted by would-be trespassers. 

Access Denied by Portal

Denial by Reason

The Denial by Reason pie chart can be useful for fine-tuning access right of the system.  For example, if the most denials are being caused by Invalid Time of Day, it may be prudent to try and ease some of the Access Levels to allow earlier access. 

Access Denied by Reason Graph 

Creating the Report

  1. Log in and navigate to Denied Access Report. Main Menu-> Reports-> Denied Access Report

Access Denied Report

  1. Select the System from the system drop-down menu.
  2. Select the Facility.
    • Note: Selecting the Facility is only necessary to limit results in large multi-tenant systems.
  3. Optional: Select an Occupancy from the Occupancy drop down menu.
  4. Click in the Portals or Floors region to open the combo select menu. Select <Any> or any combination of Portals and Floor Stops.
  5. Optional: Select a reason for the denied access in the Reason field.  
  6. Use the From and To field to select a beginning and ending date of the report. 
    • Note: Depending on the type of query you may need to limit the date. This will help avoid a timeout from a lengthy query. 
  7. Select the format you want the report in, either PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  8. When finished use the shortCreateBtn.png button to generate the report.
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