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BluSKY Solutions for the Financial Vertical



No other security platform addresses the needs of financial institutions like BluSKY. It delivers an AI Cloud-based access and video security platform on a global scale for any size financial enterprise. The combination of its architecture and features provide solutions to security challenges found across corporate HQs, administration buildings, boutique offices, retail banking centers, data centers and ATMs. BluSKY solves the key problems of system unification, database integration, easy and flexible administration, audits and compliance, cyber security protection, banking center after-hours access, false alarms, visitor and vendor processing and many more. Take a closer look below and learn why BluSKY is the right solution for your financial institution.


Key Benefits

Single sign on and automated database integration from multiple sources

One security platform that scales to addresses the varying requirements of corporate HQ, administration facilities, retail banking centers, boutique offices, data centers and ATMs.

Lower initial and total cost of security

Peace of mind from cyber security and natural disaster threats, data loss and hardware failures

Deeper access control within facilities

Better and easier auditing and compliance reporting

Audits with "teeth" based on data and usage

24/7 Deep Monitoring and notification of security threats

Minimized false alarms at retail banking centers

Better vendor control and vendor meet assurance

Security management by exception

Software enforced policies, procedures, audits and compliance

Affordable Security Operations Centers anywhere and everywhere

Better software, more often and without the upgrade headaches

Better support and faster “time to fix"

Easy upgrade from legacy client server hardware

Continuous improvement of system capabilities


Key Features

Cross System, Multi-Site, Multi-Tenant Control and Administration

Unified Security Everywhere - Access, Alarms and Intrusion, Video, Visitor, Vendors, Intercom, Biometrics, Intelligence, Reporting

Cyber Security, Backup, Redundancy and Business Continuity Protection

Real Time Remote Control from Anywhere

Nonproprietary Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone

24/7 Intelligence, Deep Monitoring and Notification

Intrusion Detection, Video Verification and UL Central Station Monitoring

Comprehensive Reporting, Compliance and Audits

Integrated Multi-Biometric, Multi-Factor Person Reader

Visitor and Vendor Management

First Responder System Control and Monitoring from Anywhere

Banking Center Keyless Entry

Support for all WIFI Integrated Lock Readers from Allegion, ASSA ABLOY and Salto

Security Operations Centers - Anywhere and Everywhere

Open Hardware platform and RESTful Software API

24/7 AI based System Health Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics

Hardware-as-a-Service and Equipment Replacement Program


Multi-Site Control and Administration

Cross_System copy.png

Enterprise control and administration is made easy with BluSKY’s advances system architecture. Users can manage an unlimited number of systems, facilities, devices and people from a single interface and log in. Everything can be can be part of one large system or standalone systems. The user experience is the same either way. Because the architecture mimics the physical world the interface is intuitive. One person, one record regardless of the number of systems. All hardware is defined at the facility level so its easy to name and find even when viewing the entire enterprise.

Cross-System, Multi-Site, Partitioned Architecture Overview

Unified Security Everywhere

BluSKY is an all-in-one security platform that brings together access, alarms, intrusion, video, visitors, vendors, control points, biometrics, intercom, power management, intelligence and reporting in a single product. Once disparate systems are now one system with one Web UI, one database, one set of synchronized events available on any device, anywhere at any time. The power and ease of use of a unified security platform is with you no mater where you are.

Unified Everywhere

Security and Convenience


Cyber Security, Backup, Redundancy and Business Continuity Protection


BluSKY provides better cyber security protection than any on premise client-server security system because it separates the people (the problem) from the computers, data and network by putting the infrastructure in the Cloud in multiple redundant data centers.

Each data center is protected 24/7 by Microsoft and their team of experts and AI software. All hardware, data, connectivity, cooling and power is redundant, automatically backed up and protected against cyber-attacks and natural disasters. Penetration tests of software and infrastructure are performed regularly. Every measure taken ensures high availability, business continuity and 99.99% uptime.

BluSKY Data Security

BluSKY Information Security

Real Time Remote Control from Anywhere

BluSKY architecture provides the ability to simultaneously see and control every facility from any device, anywhere, anytime without software or mobile apps. Things that were practically impossible before are now easily accomplished with BluSKY:

  • Releasing a door or floor for an employee, visitor or vendor remotely
  • Partial or full building lockdown from anywhere
  • Providing first responder system control from anywhere
  • Temporarily overriding door and floor schedules for a fixed period of time 
  • Upgrading or downgrading portal security modes
  • Simulate a credential at door or floor on behalf of a person if they forgot their card
  • Respond to alarms from anywhere
  • Arm, disarm, bypass and disable the intrusion system from anywhere
  • View video events and video from any camera
  • Turn on, off and pulse any connected device such as power, lights, A/C, pumps and fans

Real Time Control

RT_Events copy.png

Nonproprietary Portal and Floor Access Using Your Smartphone

Connect 2 customer BluREMOTE_3.jpg

BluREMOTE provides people the ability to use their mobile device as a location sensitive credential for access through portals and to floors. It is included in the BluSKY Platform and does not require purchasing proprietary credentials or installing proprietary Bluetooth or NFC readers: in fact, it doesn’t require a reader at all – only an Internet connection at the access point.  It works at any controlled portal or elevator to which a person has access, and it works across multiple sites, systems, and hardware.

BluREMOTE Datasheet

24/7 Intelligence, Deep Monitoring and Notification

Move from a forensic to proactive security system. In real time, 24/7, BluSKY AI analyzes every aspect of a BluBØX security system and determines if it should notify anyone or automatically control something based upon Analytics, Rules and Intelligence. Combined with BluSKY’s ability to respond from any device, anywhere at any time - security risks can be eliminated immediately. So no matter where you are, no matter what you are doing - BluSKY AI is always watching out for you.


AI copy.png

Intrusion Detection, UL Central Station Monitoring and Video Verification


One of the key issues for financial institutions that have retail branch and ATMs is false alarms. Many branches have alarm and intrusion systems but require video verification of all alarms. BluSKY combines alarm and intrusion detection with video systems in a single platform to be able to see and provide video verification of alarms from any device anywhere at anytime. This reduces false alarms and fees associated with them.

Alarm Management

Intrusion Detection

UL Central Station Monitoring

Video Verification

Reporting, Compliance and Audits

One of the key requirements in the Financial vertical is the ability to demonstrate compliance. BluSKY makes it easy to do this with flexible and automated reporting that can be sent to any distribution list on any schedule. Additionally, custom reports can be created through BluCARE Professional Services and made available through the BluSKY interface. Audits are also made easier through BluSKY distributed administration where multiple people can audit portions of the physical security system at any time. The BluSKY Web-Cloud interface lets you audit from anywhere and provides complete system documentation and access to the portion of the system a person has been given permissions.


Audit Trail

Automated report subscriptions 6_9_31.png

Multi-Biometric, Multi-Factor Person Reader

Biometric_identification copy.png

The Person Reader is a multi-biometric, multi-factor identity device that can quickly determine who a person is based upon their biometrics, card, smartphone, name or PIN. It can also act as an intercom and a video camera. It uses two biometrics that are provided freely every day; your face and your voice. It provides a more secure, convenient and versatile solution than just card readers and cards.  With the Person Reader, YOU are the credential. Person Readers are simple and natural to use and hands free. Just look at it, be recognized, and be admitted.  There is no distinctive enrollment procedure either.  It learns what you look like by your first arrival, and how you change over time. And it is versatile: it can snap a picture of every individual being granted or denied entry.

The Person Reader

Person Reader Video

Visitor and Vendor Management

Visitor and vendor management are two key components of compliance in the financial vertical that have historically been difficult to address.  BluBØX provides a solution for this problem with integrated, quick and secure visitor and vendor processing from anywhere. BluSKY provides an unmatched guest experience that is quick and seamless. It eliminates the ongoing issues of integrating a third-party visitor application and it uses the access control database which makes it easy to administer. Other features include pre-authorization, ad hoc processing, watch list integration, access control integration, spreadsheet uploads, group processing, badge design, virtual credentials, vendor management and COI management. BluSKY visitor and vendor processing completes the requirement to provide an electronic audit trail for employees, visitors and vendors within any facility. And it does it with the least amount of effort for employees, administrators and guests.

Visitor Management Datasheet

Visitor Management Architecture

Visitor Management copy 2.png

Vendor Meet Assurance


One of the challenges in the financial vertical is aligning multiple resources at a site to perform service. This arises often with ATM maintenance where the service provider and person that has the key to the ATM need to coordinate at a site. Often times they miss each other and the customer still gets charged for both vendor’s time. BluSKY eliminates this problem with secure remote unlock and lock of ATM doors from anywhere. This solution eliminates the need to dispatch someone to site an assures that the vendor has access for the period of time that they need.

First Responder System Control and Monitoring

Financial institutions are faced with many incidents that require police, fire and EMT response. One of the difficulties has been providing security system viewing and control to first responders so they can better handle an emergency. BluSKY provides a solution whereby with a single button click the appropriate first responders are notified of an incident and are given simultaneous viewing and control of the security system. This includes cameras, doors, elevators, alarms, control points and power. Any number of notifications with any level of control can be provided. First responders can simultaneously view and control from any device and at any location; remote, in transit and onsite. A very powerful solution that can prevent injuries and save lives.


Banking Center Keyless Entry

  Managing keys for many retail banking centers is a costly proposition and a security risk. Money couriers, cleaning staff and employees all have to be given keys. When a master key is lost, all the doors have to be re-keyed. Many access issues occur with couriers and cleaners. They forget, lose and pass their keys, they forget to disarm and arm the intrusion system and they create lots of false alarms. And there is no electronic audit trail of who, what and when. BluSKY has a cost-effective solution that combine access control, alarm and intrusion detection, video surveillance and BluREMOTE to provide alarm free entry and exit into any banking center or standalone ATM location.


Deeper Access Control

Bringing access control deeper into any facility provides better accountability, audit and compliance for financial institutions. Cost per door is always a consideration and with BluSKY wireless integrated lock readers the cost per door is about half that of traditional wired systems. This all-in-one solution requires no access control panel and less installation labor. Hardware from ASSA ABLOY, Allegion, Salto and others is ideal for lower traffic locations such as ATMs, ATM rooms, IT closets, storage rooms, interior office space and many others. BluSKY’s direct to Cloud architecture provides integrated minimal hardware installations that are easy to manage as part of a larger enterprise system.

Allegion Integrated Wireless Lock Readers

ASSA ABLOY Integrated Wireless Lock Readers

Salto Integrated Wireless Lock Readers

access control copy.png

The Everywhere SOC



Open for Business

Open hardware and an open RESTful software API that connects to everything are hallmarks of the BluSKY security platform and the best way to protect your security investment.

Choose BluBØX with “Mercury Inside” for your IP-based security solution and align yourself with open, industry standard technology.  Never get locked into one brand or proprietary hardware. Always be able to pivot and move forward.  With Mercury Inside you have more than 20+ brands to choose from giving you choice and compatibility that will protect your security system investment for years to come.

BluBØX’s set of Open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allows manufacturers to integrate their products with BluSKY. The Open API extends across all applications and is built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) using the open standards REST, SOAP and JavaScript to communicate. As the Internet of Everything (IoE) continues to march forward, BluSKY’s Open API is available to connect to everything.

Open Standards

Open Hardware and RESTful API


Open_Hardware_Restful_API copy.png

Better Support and Faster “Time to Fix”

Better_support copy.png

Support and time to repair are critical in the financial world and no other product matches the response time of BluSKY. This is because BluSKY proactively monitors every system’s health across hardware, software, database, security, communications, network and power. When something doesn’t look right it notifies the appropriate parties with everything it knows about the situation. The built-in diagnostic tools are used to determine root cause and fix the problem in the shortest time possible. If an onsite visit is required, it can be a one-trip fix because the issue has already been determined ahead of time. Built in BluSKY DIY help, automated documentation and support from any device, anywhere, anytime all contribute to the best possible support experience and “time to fix.”

Built-in Remote Diagnostic Tools

Hardware-as-a-Service and Equipment Replacement Program

Battling for capital dollars for much needed security system upgrades is always a struggle but BluBØX has a solution. The Hardware-as-a-Service and Equipment Replacement Programs provide flexible purchasing vehicles to upgrade from legacy hardware to new with limited to no capital funding.  For about the same operating cost of a software support and maintenance agreement you can upgrade to new open hardware and the BluSKY security platform. Each program also replaces old hardware with new every six years to eliminate hardware obsolescence and ensure that it keeps up with the continuous improvement of BluSKY software. Both programs cost about 30% less than capital equipment replacement and are seamless and headache-free.


Product Roadmap for the Financial Vertical


What BluSKY will do in the future is as important as what it does today and should be a major consideration when evaluating products. BluBØX provides continuous improvement to its products and BluSKY evolves rapidly through monthly software releases. For this reason we make our Product Roadmap publicly available for all to see and consider. We also receive tremendous feedback from our partners, consultants and end users that also becomes part of the product roadmap. If you have any good ideas for BluREMOTE or BluSKY please send us your thoughts to

Our current thinking for future enhancements to BluSKY for the financial vertical are as follows:

  • Audits with Teeth
  • Banking Center Keyless Reports
  • Biometric Visitor and Vendor Processing
  • Analytics
  • Situational Awareness
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